Inauguration 2013 – Impeach Obama Protest – San Diego

An anti-Obama protest was held on Inauguration Day by Stop Obama Now and members of the San Diego Patriots Coalition, The protest took place in La Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego on an Interstate 8 overpass at Severin and Fuerte Drives. At the peak there were 14-15 participants.

An estimated 10-15k cars drove by during the protest and probably tens of thousands more saw reports on the TV news broadcasts. We also got a number of blog posts of the video below that got thousands of views.


Protest Obama on Inauguration Day


The signs were very visible from the street. The larger, 3×4 foot signs with letters over a foot tall were readable at a distance of 450-500 feet. Someone asked me how the signs were made. So, I posted the info here.

How to Make Large Signs for Overpass Protests

KUSI and CW6 broadcast a report on the protest, but I was not able to get the video, which they did not upload to their server. This is Spanish language coverage by Telemundo XHAS 33.



Protest on Overpass in San Diego
Protest on Overpass in San Diego


Impeach Obama Protest - San Diego
Impeach Obama Protest – San Diego


4 thoughts on “Inauguration 2013 – Impeach Obama Protest – San Diego”

  1. I am with you on this impeachment of Obama. I believe we should go for treasom as he lied to the people and covered up for the Libia attacks which killed our people. We impeached Nixon for the Water Gate issue and no one died their. Why can’t we get rid of Obama as he doing worst then Nixon did. Get a petition to do this and I have people would sign it. Bring it to our Congress as they are the ones who start the proceedures via the people. Keep up the work or we will not be free anymore with him.

  2. I’m in Santa Cruz, CA and trying to find one more person to help me… 41st Ave could be done on both sides….. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME ON FB… JEWEL MASKAL

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