Make Tax Day an “Impeach Obama Day” in 2013

Impeach Obama Overpass Demo
Impeach Obama Overpass Demo
California’s Crusader [/caption]Let’s make Tax Day (Monday, April 15th) a “National Impeach Obama Day” this year! Either organize your own local Impeach-Obama event or take impeach-Obama protest signs to a local Tea Party event and give it an Impeach-Obama flavor. Many Tea Parties have events on Tax Day or that weekend. In fact, every Tea Party event should be given an “Impeach Obama” flavor, not just on Tax Day.

Even, if you live in a small town, you can take part. We are trying to coordinate demos, so that they reinforce each other and show that the effort is growing. You don’t have to have a big group, just a couple of like-minded friends and a busy street corner or highway. I plan to make a video, like the one at the bottom, of any earlier demo in San Diego, and show images of other groups that participate. Send me your photos, so I can include them! Will submit that to popular sites for posting.


Make photos or upload video to YouTube and they will be posted here. Email them or a link to

“sonsandiego at”

The best photo of a Tax Day Impeach Obama event or Anti-Obama signs at an other (Tea Party) event will receive:

Best Photo
1st prize – $100
2nd Prize – $50

If anyone would like to contribute to the contest, the prize money will be increased or more prizes can be offered and a prize for best video. So, watch this page. Start making your signs and spread the word! The prize will not be awarded to the two known groups in San Diego and Orange Counties. The object is to encourage new people to protest. Contributions will be listed here and refunded, if not paid out to winners.


Roger Ogden – $150

To make a contribution, click the button.

Or, mail a check to:

Roger Ogden
P.O. Box 635287
San Diego, Ca 92163


Use the opportunity to make new friends, who may want to participate in future Impeach Obama events. Collect e-mail addresses of other participants with Impeach Obama signs or those interested, who may approach you.


Here you will find some tips on sign making.

Anti-Obama Freeway Blogging – How to Make Large Signs for Overpass Protests



National Protest Against Obama – San Diego Event


9 thoughts on “Make Tax Day an “Impeach Obama Day” in 2013”

  1. I don’t know what good it is going to do, but I am writing my representative in Congress. We have to do something to get all these people out of the White House.

  2. Can we really get Obama out of office??…. and if so why hasn’t anybody started doing it…. He has done so many things that would be reason enough to impeach him and here he stays in office…. He is such an evil person–all he cares about is himself and living his fathers dream……

  3. closing the white house to tours, while he & family have a free ticket to spending tax payers money! Not following the constitution of the United States, among other things!

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