How to argue against Obama

Obama tells the voters that he is going to transform the world and create a more just, Utopian society. If you try to argue against that with people that their taxes are too high, or unemployment is too high, or gas prices is too high, then they are likely to say I will endure all of those things for four more years to give Obama a chance to transform the world into a socialist Utopia.

To combat this idea, you have to convince people that Obama is malicious that he is lying and will damage America for a long time, if not permanently, if they give him the chance. If people can’t say the truth in the open, there is not much of hope for America.

People have a natural tendency to give someone the benefit of the doubt and that is being reinforced by the media’s brainwashing and maybe the opinions of your social group that you should be nice to Obama and give him the benefit of the doubt. You have to break though that to have an impact on people. Otherwise, many are just going to say, “Let’s give Obama another chance.”

LaRouche Obama Nazi Poster
Provocation and Hysteria

The most notable example of provocation was LaRouche’s Hitler Mustache posters of Obama. This drove the Obama-nazis insane and is something that sticks in people’s minds.

The difference between provocation and hysteria is that provocation makes Obama zombies upset and angry. Hysteria generates fear in Obama’s opponents (us). We want to make them angry, not cause fear among our own ranks.

Provocation can be useful. You don’t have to necessarily portray him as Hitler, even the plain truth can be a provocation to them in these times of deception. If you are not making Obama followers angry, then your message is not strong enough. They only become angry, when they feel the message could hurt Obama. Think about what you are saying and push your limit a little.

New Movies

The great thing about about the two new movies that have just come out, “Obama’s America 2016” and “Dreams from My *Real* Father” is that they both assign malicious intent to Obama. People have been brainwashed by the media, including Fox, and their own social network to always talk as if Obama is trying to do the right thing, or at least to be ashamed to speak against such hogwash. That is the main thing that has to be overcome.

Everyone can help by arming yourself with a few facts and letting people know how you feel, when the opportunity presents itself. You don’t have to be rude or argumentative. Public opinion has to be changed. It is difficult, when the media is brainwashing people on a massive scale, but it is difficult to maintain a lie like than, when then truth is obvious and it can be done over time.

You can recommend these movies to help convince open-minded voters. Amazon sells “Dreams from My *Real* Father as a DVD and “Obama’s America 2016” is being shown in theaters. You can also rent “Dreams” from Amazon and have it streamed directly to your PC.


Dreams from My *Real* Father


Obama’s America 2016


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