How Fox Misrepresents Obama’s Religion

James H. Cone canonized Black Liberation Theology in the late 1960's.
Obama’s perverse religious beliefs that he learned from Jeremiah Wright at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago appear to be an important motivating factor for him. Although Fox News has provided useful information about different topics, they have never fully explained what Obama’s religious belief is and sometimes portray Obama’s religion in ways that are misleading and plain wrong. In this note, an attempt will be made to give an overview of what they are not telling you. A main issue is that they just do not explain in detail the basic hateful religious concepts of Obama’s sect in Chicago. They also do not explain what the relationship is between Obama’s church and other black sects, such as the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers. Often they mislable the doctrine of his church “Marxist,” which is incorrect. The doctrine of his church is much worse than Marxism.

Obama’s self-described spiritual guide, Jeremiah Wright, said in a Hannity interview that Black Liberation Theology is the doctrine of his church. Even though Wright told Hannity exactly which books to read, it appears that neither Hannity nor Beck have yet read and fully understood those books. BLT was canonized by James H. Cone in the late 1960’s.

Both Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity (or their guests) have classified BLT as a “Marxist doctrine” related to the Liberation Theology of Central America. However, this is incorrect. James Cone said that his theology is based on the concepts of Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. If you read Cones books, it is clear that the most important fundamental tenets of the doctrine are based mainly on the Black Theology of Malcolm X and has only superficial trappings of the traditional Christianity of Martin Luther King, Jr. It has really little, if anything, to do with Marxism.

Was Robin Hood Marxist by Fox standards?
Marxism is based on atheism and is a complex formulism of socialism. BLT theology may have some socialist concepts, but such socialist concepts as wealth distribution are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor is not a new idea and was not invented by Marx and so is not strictly speaking Marxism.

It would be very peculiar, if BLT were based on a Hispanic religious tradition, when there is a long tradition of Black Theology in the United States and the Caribbean. In fact Cone did not base Black Liberation Theology on Central American religious tradition of Hispanics; he took if from the tradition of Black Theology of Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, who were Black Nationalists and Black Supremacists. Black Liberation Theology is also a supremacist branch of “Black Theology” and not a branch of “Liberation Theology.”

The Black Theology of American Black Nationalists is religious tradition that has produced many cults. It is a movement that goes back 80 years to Marcus Garvey. The Black race is typically identified as “God” or the “Chosen People” and the White man as satanic and often literally the Devil or Antichrist. This is a doctrine of Black Supremacy.

Black Theology/Black Liberation Theology is Adventist, i.e. the End Times are believed to be imminent. Adventists typically believe that the ruling system of the World is evil and this evil (Babylonian) system will be destroyed in a final conflict (Armageddon) which will cause a utopian millennial kingdom to be produced. However, the believers are not necessarily involved in the destruction of the evil doers. That may be left to God.

Black Theology makes this idea a little more specific, in that, the evil, world-dominating system is the white race, America and the Orthodox Church and this entity will be destroyed in the End Times. Black Theology holds that there is no spiritual God, but that the black race is God and for that reason the black race has a divine mission to destroy America, the white race and the Orthodox Church. This is a genocidal religious concept.

Black Theology/BLT is a kind of state religion, because the central theme deals with the destiny of a nation and the world. America will be destroyed and the black (that is non-white) race will rule the world. Farrakhan, for example, has stated publicly that he is the legitimate ruler of all the world’s peoples and, in fact, has also stated that he is immortal and “God.” Obama’s sect has a similar doctrine that the destruction of white society will be led by the Black Messiah — who Farrakhan has implied is Obama — and a physical world government (the kingdom on earth) will result.

Religious sects based on Black Theology may present themselves as Jews, Muslims or Christians, but they are not orthodox in any of these religions and their basic religious tenets agree more with each other than they do with respective religions that the groups use as a facade.

There are several different Black Nationalist sects. Some are allies and some are rivals. The Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s church are all related and have similar racist doctrines. It is obvious that they are allied groups and probably for that reason the Obama administration refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers. Obama is giving precedence to a religious cult, not necessarily just because they are black, but because it is related to and allied with his own “former” sect. This should be investigated.

The genocidal ranting of members of these groups, such King Samir Shabazz, Khallid Muhammad and Jeremiah Wright are not just the isolated ranting of individuals. Their rants are based on the fundamental tenets of the doctrines of these racist religious sects. “God Damn America” and “Kill the White Man” are basic tenets of the Black Theology of these cults and not just the opinion of Jeremiah Wright, King Samir or Khallid Muhammad. The media, however, is giving these dangerous sects a big pass on that issue. It is a great disservice to the American public that Fox News and the rest of the media do not accurately describe the doctrine of these groups and that they are related to religious cults that share many hateful, even genocidal, beliefs.

It is not clear why the commentators on Fox News do not report the details of Obama’s religious beliefs at Trinity United Church of Christ. It could be that the producers will not allow them, because it would create too much controversy, which would harm their financial interests. It could also be due to political correctness on their part or even fear for their physical safety. It could just be that they have not really bothered to study and understand the books on Black Liberation Theology and the history of Black Theology in the US.

Glenn Beck is himself an Adventist (a Mormon). He may not want to criticize the basic beliefs of another Adventist religion, no matter what these beliefs are, because it could reflect on all Adventism. Black Theology has been influenced by several sources, but some of their roots are in American Adventist religions of the early 1800’s. It is important for the security of the country, though, that someone start broadcasting the full truth about Obama’s religious beliefs and the relationship of his racists beliefs to the genocidal racist doctrines of other, allied religious sects. He may have distanced himself from Jeremiah Wright, but he never repudiated the racist doctrine of Wright’s perverse religious sect in Chicago.

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