Freemasonic Influence in the Black Nationalism Movement

Malachi Z. York
molested dozens
of children of his cult

Black Nationalism is largely based on occult religious concepts. Below is a link to a white paper that has been posted on the Internet about the influence of Freemasonry on the Black Muslim movement. You can verify the information presented in this white paper by reading history books on the subject. A good source are the biographies on Elijah Muhammad, the prophet of the Nation of Islam, which are available from book retailers, such as Amazon.

The Craft and the Crescent

A central idea of Freemasonry is that man can be perfected to divinity (God status). This is a fundamental idea of the Gnostic occultism. Freemasons may not understand this until they reach the higher levels (degrees) or Freemasonry.

Black nationalists, call themselves Jews, Muslims or Christians, all have similar theologies, which are racist identity doctrines. Members of these groups would dispute that they are black nationalists. They would say that they are the true Hebrews, Muslims or Christians.

A couple hundred years ago the slaves began to identify with the Jewish captivity in Babylon. The Babylonian system was identified with America, the white race and the so-called white Christian church, which will be destroyed in the end times, which are believed to be imminent. A messianic black nationalist apocalyptic cult movement grew out of this way of thinking. Marcus Garvey founded the black nationalist mass movement in the late 1920’s and there are maybe 10-15 different, related religious groups now, with maybe around 100k members. They have a influence that is greater than their numbers, though, because the ideas have spread widely in the black community via the black churches.

The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s church in Chicago is just a somewhat more sophisticated pseudo-Christian version of Black Nationalism, meant to appeal to more educated black professionals, like Obama. If you are familiar with the overall doctrine of black nationalism, you can read the books on Black Liberation Theology and recognize that it is a black nationalist doctrine.

It is a shame that the news media does not explain to the public what black nationalism is all about, that Obama’s “church” in Chicago is a black nationalist sect, based on apocalyptic racist concepts. It can be considered to be an offshoot of the Nation of Islam, which is a black nationalist sect, not real Islam. People also just do not want to talk about this topic, because they are politically correct or fear such a discussion could cause a social problem.

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