Boycott Obama Supporters in Hollywood

Oprah about to receive
The Obama Kiss of Career Death
The greater “Boycott Hollywood” effort is working great! Support for Obama is way, way down this election year. Movie admission ticket sales are in the worst slump in decades (See link below). Hollywood just cannot understand why there is a sales slump.

Partly, it is due to the economic slump and competition from the Internet, but it is also because so many are just fed up with Hollywood. Now that they are vulnerable is the best time. Let us show them that there is a boycott taking place. If you are angry about the election, this is one quick way you can strike back! The number of hits on this page have zoomed since election day.

Box Office Blahs

A “Young Hollywood” fundraiser at the SoHo House in West Hollywood on June 29th was cancelled due to lack of interest. This was supposed to be a critical demonstration of support from young entertainers and it was a total bust! Entertainers see from Oprah’s example that high-profile support for Obama is a real career killer.

Especially, avoid Hollywood during the upcoming holidays. It’s the last chance for them to make up for a very bad year. Please share this link.

Slump in Box Office Ticket Sales
Slump in Box Office Ticket Sales
There are so many entertainers supporting Obama that it is easier to boycott the entire industry unless you know the entertainer is not a supporter of Obama. It is an industry largely of traitors. If their sales go down enough, they will be motivated to start getting rid of the traitors, themselves.

This page is dedicated to all of the misguided, wacko entertainers that supported Barack Obama in 2008, will support Obama in 2012 and their cult-like zombie fans that followed them like lemmings in voting for the “Messiah.” They often hold occult religious beliefs (see Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc) that are similar to those of Obama’s beliefs and see the current/traditional American system as being evil, a system that must be overturned, in order to bring on their fantasy of some kind of a utopian, socialist/occult world transformation, promised by their messiah. This is similar to- and compatible with the teachings of Black Liberation Theology, the seditious doctrine of Obama’s radical anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian religious sect in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ.

Oprah Winfrey’s media empire crashed on the shoals of supporting Obama. May the same happen to all of these people. Many millions of American consumers have already sworn to stop buying any Hollywood products forever.


This is a partial list of some of the best known supporters. A full list of supporters would resemble a telephone book. Check back periodically for updates. This list is intended to be those, who are most outspoken and activist in their support of the Messiah. That is, they do more than just passively state their personal preference and make a private contribution, but use their star status as a platform to support Obama. Leave a comment below, if you think someone should be added. A more complete list of formal endorsements for 2012 can be seen here.

Alec Baldwin

Capital One Venture Cards

Drew Barrymore

Harry Belafonte – Obama should jail opponents.

Bradley and Colleen Bell, producers of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” – Held Fundraiser in Feb 2012 in Beverly Hills

Joy Behar – Comedian, co-host of The View.

Mariah Carey

George Cloney

Common – Rapper calls for Revolution at Trinity church.

Matt Damon

Ellen DeGeneres

Cameron Diaz

Lena Dunham – creator of the HBO series ‘Girls’

Jimmy Fallon

Jamie Foxx – Hailed Obama as our “Lord and Savior.”

Morgan Freeman – One confused cretin. “Claims to be “God” and that the Tea Party/Opposition to Obama is racist.”

Janeane Garofalo

David Geffen – Founder of Geffen Records and Co-Founder of Dreamworks Studios. Gave Obama a boost, when he shifted his support from Hillary. Sold interest in Dreamworks. Probably difficult to boycott.

Danny Glover

Whoopie Goldberg

Melanie Griffith

Tom Hanks

Daryl Hannah – Opposes pipeline to Canadian oil sands.

Samuel L. Jackson

Jay-Z – Obama’s Running So We All Can Fly.

Scarlett Johansson

Magic Johnson

Ashley Judd – Obama ‘has an incredible devotion to our Constitution

Ashton Kutchner – Produced the “I Pledge (to serve Obama) clip below.

Lady Gaga and her Satanic Message

Spike Lee – Suggested that Obama was pre-orditained(sic) by God.

Eva Longoria – declares Tea Party to be a “dangerous moment.”

Madonna – There’s a Black Muslim in the White House

Bill Maher

Chris Matthews – Matthews famous tingle-up-my-leg comment indicates an apparent latent homosexual attraction for Obama. Click link to go to a list of his sponsors, maintained by a Tea Party in Virginia.

Demi Moore

Keith Olbermann

Sarah Jessica Parker

Gwyneth Paltrow

Julia Roberts

Chris Rock – Comedian, who has “issues” with white folks.

Susan Sarandon

Steven Spielberg – Co-Founder of Dreamworks Studios.

Bruce Springsteen

Barbara Streisand – Click to read about Streisand’s desperate attempt to save Obama’s campaign.

Dave Stewart – Member of Black Eyed Peas. Produces “Yes We Can” and “We are the Ones” videos for Obama. Real name is William Adams, aka Zuper Blahq, Will 1X, Voodoo.

Vanessa Williams

Marianne Williamson – author, occult religion. – Proposed department of peace.

Oprah Winfrey – With Eckhart Tolle taught occult course on Internet to millions. Declared Obama to be “The One”, the black Messiah.

NOTE: Click here to go to the “Boycott Oprah” page, whose members constructed this list of entertainers. We are promoting a boycott of Oprah’s advertisers.

These are a few clips from the past, just to remind you of what the loony Obama-hysteria was like. These people may sometimes have talent, but they are often dangerously deluded and extremely manipulative of their audience.

The songs in some of these clips are filled with New Age / Gnostic religious references and imagery, suggesting that Obama and his followers are divinely inspired, higher beings or actually god-like, with a divine mission to “transform” the US. This is reminiscent of cult-like messianic, ruler-worshiping religious hysterias of the Middle Ages. We sincerely hope that these religious lunatics soon regain their sanity.


First Time – Lena Dunham
on Voting for — & Being Screwed by — Obama for the First Time


We are The Ones by


American Prayer – Dave Stewart
(Worshipful quasi-religious song about Barack Obama)


Obama Pledge Video – The scary Bits!
Obama followers pledge to serve Obama, the Messiah.
From Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner’s “I Pledge” Video.


Parents abusing their Children – Teaching Obama Worship


Obama Girl – Crush on Obama
(Cheap sex used to sell Obama)


Obama Spoof – Building a Religion


Boycott The Broadcast News Media

126 thoughts on “Boycott Obama Supporters in Hollywood”

  1. Aaron :
    All koolaid drunks! They have no idea about having money troubles, because they have more than God!

    God willing, the time is coming soon that they will find out that their riches, their fame, and their self-righteousness are worth nothing in God’s sight.

  2. @Aaron, these hypocrites may not end up being completely immune from a judgment on this earth, either. It will be interesting to see, if they try to pull this same crap in the coming campaign.

  3. The sad part is what they are doing to those innocent children. making wear those shirts and putting on a show. what is even more sad is the parents are letting it happen. my parents would have never stood for indoctrinating like this, even if it were the candidate they voted for. this is the liberals way of bran washing at a very early age.

  4. I agree 100% and have been boycotting all these (and more) since “The One” took office. There’s a an added benefit: I’m reading more now:)

  5. Israel Rodriguez :

    WOW, are all these people PSYCHO or what…. Umm, let me re-phrase that… YES THEY ARE!!

    Some of these people, maybe all of them, have occult belief systems and they are just being rather open about it for anyone paying attention. The occult has always been about a regular man becoming God / a Messiah and transforming the world into a new world / Utopia.

  6. Wow. I sort of felt like I was in church for a minute there, and then I realized they are praising a MAN. Just a man like all the rest of us. Calls to mind a number of scriptures for me though.
    Isaiah 2:17, “The loftiness of man shall be bowed down, And the haughtiness of men shall be brought low; The LORD alone will be exalted in that day”,
    Philippians 2:9-11 “Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    I fear for their souls.

  7. Can anyone see anymore? God is still on His throne and vengeance is His. Who are these idiots? Has Obama given out drugs?

  8. There have always been a lot of crazies out there, but they have normally been under control. Today, the inmates are running the asylum.

  9. These entertainers just automatically think whatever they say goes. They are actors that tells you they don’t even know who they really are. Boycott all of them, course I don’t watch their stuff anyway cause it is crap!!!! The movies they have started making is not worth a nickel. They are all sickening!!!!!!!!!! I hope they all go broke and have to live off of a soup line. When they do give money it is for a photo opt.

  10. If they get to heaven, which most of them are atheist anyway, Let’s see, if their money helps them there!!!!!!!!! Wherever they are they expect people to bow down to them. I would not walk across the street to see obstupid or any entertainer for that reason. They all put their pants on just like me!!!!!!! They all act like Gods, but i bet if they had nobody to do everything for them they would starve cause they have no common sense. Just like the kids out there today, they don’t know how to do anything cause they have not been taught basic skills if they had to use them and believe me if ostupid gets back in they are going to need them!!!!!!!!

  11. Um, they are paid to pretend! I could pretend at the tender age of two. If you have children you know this is true. I don’t and won’t take anyone serious if their job is to go to work and pretend. Sorry, not buying anything they are trying to sell this patriot. My father died for our Country, he wasn’t pretending to be a soldier, he was the real thing.

  12. I sure wish people would quit calling Obama the “Messiah.” There is only one Messiah, and that’s Jesus Christ the Messiah. Will support the boycott, though, thanks.

  13. It is up to all of us. No sleeping this time around. Please watch, (only 33 minutes long and free to view) listen especially to Hitler’s comment about the youth and in my opinion, It is why I feel the youth are being targeted by this administration. No way my parents would have permitted this from ANY school or school board. Stand up for your children, parents and be not afraid. But I guess that’s what happens when the school system accepts monies from Planned Parenthood who dole out contraceptives that are made to fail so that they get repeat customers for abortions! I am so glad I grew up when I did and blessed with my parents and my faith!, Grand Illusion: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood (and Margaret Sanger who labeled people, not of “her” heritage, “the undesirables!”).

  14. Obama is by far the worst president we have ever had. Wiping out the middle class, devaluing our currency, lowering our influence & status worldwide, increasing government dependency for millions of Americans, weakening our military, driving our debt into the stratosphere, destroying rather than rebuilding our healthcare system, taxing the few who pay into obliviion, creating a secular elite, destroying the environmental movement with wasteful over subsidizing, there apparently is no end to his political insanity. Unfortunatly it is to late, we are past the point of recovery. Keep buring a gallon of jet A a second in Air Force One while we face 5 dollar gas, oh yes & be sure to get another 40 or 50 attendants for beloved First lady, while our ship sinks.

  15. He is NOTHING but a total disgrace to this country…and these actors will pay for their IDOL worship of him..He is NOT progressive.and out to help them ..He is a marxist and a socialist and a communist..and he is OUT to destroy this great country..The liberal media doesn’t tell the truth about him and while these elites give him tons of money I just sit back a laugh because in November..the real people of this country will let everyone know how we feel..His days are way or another he will be gone in November and I hope he rots in jail or worse in the end!

  16. amen brother or sister…. Cause no money gonna get them into heaven… They may have golden streets here but not up there.

  17. FB “THREATENED” me because of the statement I made on a fn post. Here is what I wrote: “c/o Maxiam Sagitti LOL…. I attempted to add “REVELANT” Comments & FB Nazi’ tards gave me an ALERT,,, If my Comment was offensive or irrevekant I may be (paraphrased, severly punished or removed from further Public Posts… ) wtf… THIS IS A GREAT SITE DAN, Thank U for posting.. I wil add hanoi jane to the list…. of those I will boycot..!! CAN U BELIEVE THE
    Audiacity of fb.. Unbelievable… What about my 1st Amnmendment Rights… Guess its ok for Libs to spew hatred but NOT conservatives, to malke intelligent comments & express opinions.,..??

  18. Just think. They are the so called ” One Percent” and like one comment above do live in a fantasy world. Lets stop going to anything they are in and cut off their cash flow. I support this boycott. Need to take it one step further and don’t watch liberal propaganda on the so called News stations as well. Their ratings give them sponsors and sponsors give them cash. Cut of the cash and the beast will perish…

  19. As Morgan freeman put it perfectly, if your not supporting Obama your a racist, wow, could it be he is a dictator, wants America to be socialist country, he is a muslum, who wants christianity gone. He’s an idiot who can not speak without a TelePrompTer ?
    He is taking our freedom of speech, religion and taking our rights to bare arms away. He is destroying America. Spending astronomical amount, throwing away good barrowed money into lazy stupid people. He is a liar, and manipulater, not a good one either. He needs to be impeached!!

  20. Clean the Socialists & Fascists out of Hollywood now! Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him?

  21. Maybe Hollywood will get the picture when all that is left for them to do for a living is “Flippin’ Burgers”! The American people will not stand for being sold down the river. The boycott of Hollywood has begun. And boycotting the products that use these idiots for promotion as well (N0 more Garnier) Us little people pay them our hard earned money (not this family, anymore) to entertain us and this is how they repay us. November 6th can’t come fast enough! Keep the faith Americans! Pray for our country and freedom.

  22. All of you who support this racist website are wrong! You can’t stand to see a black man in the white house. If Obama was such a bad president, please tell me how he has so many supporters behind him!

  23. Everybody in this world, with the exception of some narrow-minded US-Americans is supporting Obama. G.W. Bush and his friends are war criminals like Saddam Hussein. They should go to court in Den Hague. Many republicans are enemies of mankind.

    Greetings from Berlin / Germany

    1. Hallo Lars, warum sollten wir denn einen Dreck scheren, was irgendeiner Betonkopf in Berlin darüber denkt? Es es nicht ganz überraschend, dass manche Deutschen wie blökende Schafen schon wieder nach einem neuen Messias und Erlöser hinterherlaufen wollen. Jetzt ist es wieder erlaubt, weil sein Haut schwarz ist, eh? Onkel Adolf lässt grüßen, min Jung.

  24. I for one am no longer supporting any hollywood actor or actress who supprts Obama. I believe he was born in Kenya (lied about birth certificate). Who is openly trying to break all constitutional rights of American citizen. Who thinks all white people should be held accountable for the slavery days( which no american citizen today is responsible for) who promotes racism, class warfare, and does not promote peace.

  25. I would further add that because of all the lying Obama has done. Treason charges and or maybe terrorist charges should be openly discussed. What do you think?

    1. I think so, but not because of the lying, but because he has done things such as usurp the power of the Congress and go to war in Libya without congressional approval.

  26. Yes. Make a statement with your money. Hollywierd is on the decline and will continue that way, Obama is sure not gonna help.

  27. They do their talk, I do my walk. Will miss movies and music but will not support entertainers that try to push Obama’s agenda.

  28. Greetings from GerMONEY. I think it’s God, who will to make a lot of money. Because just praying and being jealous for the income of other people reminds me of Islam. Hard work is a good thing in the eye of god. Artists have a gift and it is a sin to judge them on your ridiculous moral system. Free spirit and a individual opinion is not a sin, but a gift for our short existence on earth. That is what makes us different to Islamic and communist indoctrination.

    1. Genau wie Onkel Addie war ein Freigeist mit einer anderen Meinung, der nicht von euren Grosseltern vorher verurteilt wurde, oder? Gruß aus sonnigen Kalifornien.

  29. hollywood has gotten too crazy with politics that are liberal. it makes me sick. no movies with any of these liberal clowns. now i won’t pay to see a samuel l jackson film either now that he is too liberal and too racist just like the rest of these clowns. i’m glad i boycotted tom hanks movies because he got too cocky and too political as well.

  30. I am so glad all you Hollywood Types, through the years of entertaining the American population with

    your movies, shows, and music have made all your million$ from us. During the last 4 years 50% of the

    country have been eating our meals with the help of food stamps, it’s kind of like eating shit!, as we

    were feeding ourselves prior to your godbama coming down the road. Thanks to our support as a people

    you all get the good life from our hard earned dollar$, which we can no longer afford thanks to your

    godbama! as we have to use what little money we have left to supplement our food stamps to eat and

    pay our bills and so many others to try to keep a roof over their heads. With your continuing support of

    your godbama!, the rest of us Americans will have to spend the next 4 years eating more shit!!

    Well I have a couple of things to say to you all:

    When your godbama takes away all of your money, so the rest of his supporters will get a shot at their


    should Entertain, and Politicians should Politic and never the 2 should mix” so “Get the hell out of the

    entertainment business and throw your hat in the political ring and if you can’t do that…………….

    just SHUT UP!”

    It’s Time To Boycott Hollywood, and ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC

  31. I agree and am happy to find this list. Was considering creating a master, all inclusive web site that lists as many supporters, actors, organizations and companys that support or donate to Obama as possible so that people can vote with their purchases and money. The liberals were all behind lambasting and boycotting Chic-fil-A, and running people like Rush off the air and causing his supporters to bail on him so if you can’t beet them …………. About time that these liberals felt the wrath of the “common man” and their patrons for their anti-American anti-Christian opinions and actions. We are all held accountable, so lets do the same with those that we financially support. Also, help support the American employment recovery, do not hire any Obama supporters! Cars in my parking lot at work with Obama stickers are also indications of money and work supporting these same causes. Perhaps an attourney could tell me if not hiring based upon political affilition is a violation of any rules or laws.

    1. I know that their are laws, at least in California, against discrimination in apartment rentals based on political views. According to this article, private companies are allowed to hire and fire, based on their political views, but the federal government is not. The 1st Amendment applies to the Government, but not to individuals and private concerns. Of course, you should check with an attorney, before doing that. There could be special laws in your state against it.

      Can Your Boss Fire You for Your Political Beliefs? from Slate Magazine

      Those, who support and donate to Obama in Hollywood are almost everyone. I just tried to list the ones that endorse him very publicly and are well known. It’s easier to boycott all of Hollywood, unless you know that they do not support Obama. That will put pressure on the entire system and multiply the pressure on those who are most outspoken supporters. They may start having trouble getting hired, themselves.

  32. Hey, I am all for helping others,and being one…but why don’t some of these ‘Hollywoodites’ start putting their money and time where their mouth is. Where do they volunteer, are they feeding the hungry, are they working the homeless shelters, are they doing what they can to make the world better or ‘spewing’ the Government will do it all? Guess what, Republicans are the group that actually donates more per capita than Democrats and donates more of their time to good causes…like my dad that picks up food from grocery stores that will donate three times a week and gives out boxes every Friday to the less fortunate. Where are these ‘Hollywood’ people…are they out there working or just alleviating their consciences by voting Democrat and thinking the Government will take care??? Guess what, they don’t and they won’t…the Government wastes more than half of the funds on ‘overhead’. You really care?? Get out there and work to show you care!!!

    1. In my opinion, the generalized demonization of others Americans, because they belong to another political party is just a form of brainwashing that keeps people voting for their own party, not matter how shitty the politicians are and the Republican politicians are pretty shitty too. Divide and conquer.

  33. Obama is destroying America fast. If these people want to support him it’s their free right. He’ll destroy all they hold dear, so they’ll have to deal with the consequences just like everyone else. Obviously if hollywood and the mainstream media didn’t blindly support Obama he’d have never gone anywhere but in the trash where he belongs. They’ve ended up believing in their own hype, and they’re going to feel mighty betrayed and furious in the end. Obama’s going to get everything he deserves. He’ll be the most despised person in America in the end. The damage done will change America and the free world forever. Well, the wake up call against sociopathic behaviour had to be a lesson learned harshly to sink in. Society’s corruption and greed has been growing for so long, it has to get to obscene proportions before it implodes. All empires self destruct when the balance of integrity is outweighed and justice and freedom is betrayed. These hollywood celebrities have no power, nor does the media, it is the average person by the majority who has the power. They must learn that it their opinion that matters not that of hollywood, media, and propaganda. The power is always with the majority. 1% is totally reliant on ‘we the people’ so is the media and the polititions. If ‘we the people’ are behaving like ‘sheeple’ then the fault lies with the ‘sheeple’ and they need to be ruled, for they are obviously not capeable of balanced intelligent educated descision making. The ‘sheeple’ will get angry when their leader isn’t providing for them the way they want. The 1% will be angry when the ‘sheeple’ no longer can afford to feed their plush lifestyles and power. The pyramid crumbles because it built upside down. When the success of the country is balanced upon the backs of the hard working forward thinking intelligent and integral few, and their backs become broken from the impossible weight they carry..’down will come baby, cradle and all’. It is a long horrifying and painfull death, but when an empire forgets why it became great and succeeded, their fall is iminent. If it wasn’t Obama it would have been someone else. He didn’t do it alone, many American’s have allowed deceit, greed, betrayal for this corruption to flourish. Many are to blame. The innocent will pay, but so will the corrupt. Out of the ashes will rise a new America, wise to corruption and deceitful deeds, and they will rebuild. It will take a very long time again for the morally corrupt and greedy to gain footing. And so it goes, history will always repeat for as long as mankind is selfish or nieve. My heart goes out to you American’s trapped in this betrayal and loss. The majority is corrupt and nieve. That is fact, for if it were not so, this evil would not succeed. It spreads to other countries..England, Spain, Europe, all imploding due to this. It is a lesson that will not be forgotten for a very long time. It is darkest before the dawn.

  34. Did you ever stop to think when so many intelligent human beings support a person, they very well are correct? 68 Nobel Prize winners support Obama. Romney cannot even carry his own Mormon state, nor can he carry the state he governed. With Mass 3rd from the bottom of the United States in jobs after he left the state. Those who know Romney best won’t vote for him. Like the saying goes, “Those who do not learn from actual history tend to vote Republican.” LOL so true…

  35. Actually my love, you must be reading those silly little forwarded emails. It has been shown, time and time again, that Democrats, Independents, Green, etc, are the ones who donate the most of themselves, tirelessly., to help those less fortunate. Read up, my dear. I vote Dem, (I left the GOP because of their hypocrital immorality, their greed, wanting to do fake photo ops (like Paul Ryan who poses for pics and won’t do one lick to help the poor), their refusal to pay attention to history and reality, their preaching with lack of morality.) Thanks for giving eye service to your dad. Jesus specifically said when doing charity, do not let the left hand know what the right is doing. You are supposed to give charities in secret. Why bash people who do not make a show of their alms??? You bear false witness. If you want to call yourself a christian, please act like one.

    Annika Dobrski :
    why don’t some of these ‘Hollywoodites’ start putting their money and time where their mouth is. Where do they volunteer, are they feeding the hungry, are they working the homeless shelters, are they doing what they can to make the world better or ‘spewing’ the Government will do it all? Republicans are the group that actually donates more per capita than Democrats and donates more of their time to good causes…

  36. Jo, I wish so much that those who vote for Romney can have them just for themselves. Let him and his friends rape you as you desire, not us! I feel if you vote for Romney, you deserve what you get. Just don’t let him do the same thing he’ll do to you, to us.

    Jo :
    Obama is destroying America fast. If these people want to support him it’s their free right. He’ll destroy all they hold dear, so they’ll have to deal with the consequences just like everyone else. Obviously if hollywood and the mainstream media didn’t blindly support Obama he’d have never gone anywhere but in the trash where he belongs….(etc, etc, etc and more and more rants of pure nastiness from lil’ Jo).

  37. Sweetpea, if you are that poor that you can’t afford food and have to get our taxpayers to give you foodstamps, why are you spending $15 a ticket on movies and $10 a bag on popcorn! You could eat for at least a week on that! Stop your beefing and just stop going to movies, OK? End of story. You’ll have more money to buy food, that way I don’t have to pay for your foodstamps, and you will be making a point to hollywood. Got it?

    7cans :
    I am so glad all you Hollywood Types, through the years of entertaining the American population with
    your movies, shows, and music have made all your million$ from us. During the last 4 years 50% of the
    country have been eating our meals with the help of food stamps, it’s kind of like eating shit!, as we
    were feeding ourselves prior to your godbama coming down the road. Thanks to our support as a people
    you all get the good life from our hard earned dollar$, which we can no longer afford thanks to your
    godbama! as we have to use what little money we have left to supplement our food stamps to eat and
    pay our bills and so many others to try to keep a roof over their heads. With your continuing support of
    your godbama!, the rest of us Americans will have to spend the next 4 years eating more shit!!
    Well I have a couple of things to say to you all:
    When your godbama takes away all of your money, so the rest of his supporters will get a shot at their
    should Entertain, and Politicians should Politic and never the 2 should mix” so “Get the hell out of the
    entertainment business and throw your hat in the political ring and if you can’t do that…………….
    just SHUT UP!”
    It’s Time To Boycott Hollywood, and ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC

  38. It is funny. It took Bush 8 years to mess up the country yet Barak is supposed to fix it in 4, with the parties battling him on everything he is trying to do. All that he promised he is declined to do. All Mitt Romney voters are racist pricks. I pray your moms dont get raped. AND PLEASE DONT BE POOR!!!! God Bless!!!

  39. My husband and I has stopped attending any movies, buying any music, etc., that supports the careers of celebraties who make such outrageous statements against those who disagree with their social and polictical positions. We are tired of those (because of their fame and forturnes) who deliberately engage in belittling, verbal strongarm tactics designed to denigrate anyone who does not bow down to President Obama. I just can’t stand it any longer and I, for one, will do my best to avoid anything that would financially support such actors as Streisand, Damon, Clooney, Moore, etc., etc., etc. It’s either their way or the highway….so I’ll take the highway – which is the high road – and do my best from here on to avoid supporting these blatant hypocrits and illogical people who can demonstrate nothing that would show that the current President has made any real attempts to bring people together in the U.S., work across the isle to promote a more stable economy and business environment for ALL – and espcially the middle classe and lower middle class who has lost about $4,000.00 in income plus received an increase in their health care by about $2,000.00. These so-called wealthy elite Hollywood cowards support taxing the wealthy at higher rates, yet show me ONE who has taken it upon themselves to actually send additional funds to Washington which would certainly show support for Obama’s tax against the wealthy proposals. It’s all b…s…! and we know it. My husband and I have been hit over the past two years with over $6,000.00 in pay and health care costs, not to mention, the higher cost of gas and food and clothing. My budget sees it every week. Obama can go party with Hollywood all he wants…..he’ll have more time after he’s voted out of office. Party on – dudes!

  40. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
    Sorry, but when your dear leader makes it harder for people to make money, we are not going to be thinking about you, BUT OUR FAMILIES!

  41. I wanted you to know that one of our pastors was a previous Satan worshiper, no joke. He is a very smart young man and knows his stuff, whatever he is talking about. He specifically spoke of Lady Gaga, that on stage she actually holds satanic sacrifice right in front of the audience. People of course don’t understand this to realize it. Just something you could research since there’s nothing next to Lady Gaga.

  42. Kimberley :

    I wanted you to know that one of our pastors was a previous Satan worshiper, no joke. He is a very smart young man and knows his stuff, whatever he is talking about. He specifically spoke of Lady Gaga, that on stage she actually holds satanic sacrifice right in front of the audience. People of course don’t understand this to realize it. Just something you could research since there’s nothing next to Lady Gaga.

    I put up a link for it. Thanks.

  43. There is a bigger list on wikipedia under obama supporters 2012. Be infomed, unlike the ones that re-elected this Clown.

  44. Never will I support any Obama supporter not just actors. I certainly hope they enjoy the extra taxes they will have to pay.

  45. I plan to boycott all liberal movie stars as well as all liberal news media and businesses. Also, I plan on voting out all liberal judges as well. It takes some research and a little effort to enforce this concept. Just don’t buy their product or service and let them all sink. I think if we all did this then our voice would be heard.

  46. Left off Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlet Johansen
    They do not understand how it feels to have to sacrifiace and go without just to keep a roof over your head. and to feed your kids.

  47. Samuel Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson have been added. Thanks.

    If you think someone should be added give me a good reason and a link. I am putting people on the list that took a high profile in supporting him and/or raised money for him. I don’t want to make the list too long, just the worst offenders. Really all of Hollywood should be boycotted, unless you know the people involved are not Obamanists.

  48. For over 20 yrs now I have boycotted Hollyweird and anyone else in the media who proclaims their liberalism/socialism like it is something to be proud of. I have asked my family & friends to boycott when I heard them complaining about these leftist actors/actresses and movie makers pushing their political agendas onto the rest of us every time they had a microphone stuck in their face..knowing full well that our children listening to them would take it all in and believe them over their parents!! But no one wanted to listen, my thought was simple…if we, those of us who are christian, conservative or just plain love America, if we just boycott all of liberal hollyweird for 3-6 months we could wake those fools up to our point of view…by that I don’t mean that they would magically start thinking like us but they would stop all the things that they do now to tear down this country!! Because they would know that they no longer have a free hand ~ that we, THE PEOPLE, actually have the power to put them out of business if necessary!!! And we wouldn’t be inconveniencing ourselves or hurting ourselves ~ it hasn’t hurt me in the past 20 yrs (I do go to christian or conservative films, sadly they are far & few between) I started reading more and loving it!! Now I can out debate these leftwing nut jobs hands down.
    It’s really sad though about hollyweird…the conservatives out numbered the liberals back in its golden era!! If you watch the old movies, most of them had a very patriotic and faith based theme running throughout the film!
    If you want to know how all this madness started you need to go back into our country’s history ~ but make sure that you get a true history book, which is hard to find since John Dewey and his socialist fiends (yes I intended to leave out the ‘r’) in the early 1900’s took hold of our schools with President Wilson’s blessing and started to indoctrinate our kids ~ of course it didn’t get rolling big time until the 1960’s!!! I have a copy of a history book that was used at Princeton College (university now) published in 1849…it’s amazing!!! It was in a box of stuff that my husband’s grandmother (b.1900) had from her family. As an immigrant to this wonderful country I am fascinated by the history and how the founding fathers were not only brilliant but very prophetic as to what would happen if the people allowed themselves to be bamboozled by those who were not GOD centered in their belief systems (socialism.) As one who came from a socialized country, I know what that evil is and how it sounds…it ain’t good!!! So wake up America and boycott these Hollyweirdos & leftwing media/news program people right where it will do the only good and the only way these extremely foolish people will feel it…in their pocketbooks ~ wallets!!!!

  49. I have been boycotting them and now boycotting O’Reilly because he is too soft on Obama and these retarded emotionally bunch of idiots

  50. These people are of the same mindset who betrayed Christ and allowed a murderer to go free. These people would have crucified Christ.

  51. Most of us are the only ones who work and can afford to go to movies and spend, so this could be effective. Of course Obama will give free “stuff” to those to do not work so he can finish destroying the country financially. When that runs out, those who get the free goodies will be up a creek and will try to take ours, so we better hold on to our guns. That stupid Al Sharpton is on a ban the knives kick now. I hope he sits on a sabre. He looks sick anyway, so I guess that hypocrite has no blood left to bleed if he sat on a sabre. I do not believe he would be injured in the gonad area because I doubt he has any.

  52. ashley judd,,have another hit of LSD if you think obama loves our constitution,,he is trying to abolish it and destroy america you idiot

  53. Get this shit off the commercials please. Please get in tune with reality. WE know exactly whose A_s you are trying to kiss. Tone it down ok? ………………………….did the NAACP pay Hollywood for this too? Put our people in a better light rhetoric………then it grows to “make other people look stupid ok? Especially whites, ok?

  54. WOW, I actually thought that forrest whitaker was alright !!! Was I WRONG !!
    Those ANTI AMERICAN “celebrities” are SICKENING and should LOSE THEIR PUBLIC PAID LIVELY HOOD…. ASAP—– STOP GIVING THOSE CREEPS YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY —- STAY OUT OF MOVIE THEATERS, LEAVE THEM EMPTY !!!! Stay off of MORONIC SHOWS LIKE “the view”, “letterman”, “leno”, idiot conan, real idiot jon stewart, super idiot mahr show, dopy lake show, AND ALL OF THE OTHER CRAPPY SHOWS LIKE THOSE..!!

  55. Heya i am for the first time here. I found
    this board and I in finding It truly useful & it helped me out
    a lot. I’m hoping to present something again and help others such as you aided me.

  56. SHAME on ALL of HOLLYWOOD!!! Zero money from this family! Ever hear of a starving artist? Too many FREAKS to mention SOOO stand one stand all right? Maybe Brad Cooper will save my white A”$ when I’M attacked without uncle Joes shotgun. Maybe a whole truck of midget ‘heroes’ like Tom, Mark, Scott, (hilarious) will save my day. Hollywood; the land of fruits and nuts… Problem is WE pay these artists’ to have them pay for Barr ay the great… Brilliant; NOW, YOUR ASS IS CUTOFF! Stick to lines, shots, and loops less than 60 sec at a time… SHAME ON YOU HOLLYWOOD!!! Where are you all at NOW that he’s off the rails with our National Security and the WAR that ALL of you NORMALLY OPPOSE?? Where are you now Oprah? Maybe Ellen knows!?!? SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR THIS NIGHTMARE YOU CALL YOUR MESSIAH… 50 years of Democrats in Detroit; look where we are…. 8 years of this incompetent (Freudian delight), childish, little boy with big TEEF has taken what DIGNITY WE DID HAVE and waste it on people the likes of you, Susan, Marlon, Spike. Let’s watch what the NEXT ‘Prez’ says about THIS BUFFOON for the next 5 years… My dream; Val and Ashton working nightshift at Taco bell… Good luck freaks! Don’t head East when the shit hits the fan!!! Won’t be likin’ them reactions…. GUARANTEED. PASS ON!

  57. I wonder how many of these celebrities will get personal exemptions from Obamacare? I wonder if anyone who endorses Barack Obama would get an Obamacare exemption?

  58. Perhaps one of the purposes of Obamacare is for Obama to have something cheap to offer to his supporters. After all, how much money does it cost Obama to grant exemptions to Obamacare? He does it a the stroke of a pen!

  59. Oh entertainers, sports personalities and just the pure rich dumb butt reality stars should just keep their mouths closed, they are here just to entertain, period, they have no right to use their star appeal to make an influence on uneducated, not so bright people who follow every uninteresting breath they exhale. I believe these people when they are not working, working, acting and playing games, I guess that’s work, but anyway on their time off they should wear a jester suit with the pointy hat with the bells, green suit just like they did for kings and queens, everyone should know they are just for our amusement and that is it.

  60. Hey “obviously less smarter than an Amoeba” (excuse my poetic license)That’s a one-celled creature…buffoon. GroupThink: each sharing one evil brain! Here’s a clue you fool: do not tell me you are smart and than write morbidly STUPID statements. I would venture to say you belong to the same “church of satan” that your weenie god barry Benghazi attended for 20 years. The same HATE-filled vile statements the satanist jeremiah wright spewed out of his sewer-Rat mouth is very telling. Than you say: god bless! Please do not capitalize the word god when your god is “the god of this world””the prince of the power of the air” You are the perfect example of GroupThink: stupidity, ignorance, and arrogance: “the new superior intelligence” spew hate and call everyone that disagrees vile names at the top of your lungs. Go back to 1930’s Germany for the same example! You, son of satan, like the former muslim jerimiah wright and barack (once a muslim always a muslim h.oshamaobama have satan so far up your asses he is selling chocolate…that’s not chocolate! Please all people that hate the hater (like this buffoon) start marginalizing these buffoons by not capitalizing their filthy names. Yes long winded I am…totally disgusted with the 180 degree turn…awake America!

  61. This is not about being racist, I am so sick and tired of ignorants thinking this about color!!!! just look at the facts. I understand all presidents/Gov’t lies but to be this obvious is simply disgusting!!!!!

  62. Aslo, BOYCOTT the self-proclaimed godless OPRAH and her little pet Beyonce and all her NWO clowns!! STOP DESTROYING BEAUTIFUL AMERICA for what once was THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL.

  63. Fantastic article from CNN below about these Obama and Hollywood connections. They are a crutch for each other as they are crippled by the condition, “Progressive Politicis.”

    Not to be confused with the condition poliosis, a condition of the hair being or becoming white or grey.

    Definition of Progressive Politicis.

    “the illiberal virus enters the central values system, preferentially infecting and destroying normal thought processes, leading to muscle weakness and face twitching and acute values paralysis.”

    C.S Lewis also talked about a similar condition that has spread amongst these illiberal lefties. This has led to a diagnosis of “Do-gooderus tyranticis” as desribed below,

    “Of all tyrannies (conditions), a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

    C.S. Lewis

    Hollywood has not only admitted to discriminating against conservative scriptwriters for over 30 years they are the main lobby group with a former lobbyist now running the FCC to put an end to net neutrality. This works for illiberals in that they all can collude together to boot or slow down people…businesses and content they don’t like. Discrimination on steroids…in the “fast lane,” is what it is all about for these illiberals.

  64. Well we have seen Obama race bait….and work behind the scenes to get a black editor at the New York Times while ousting a woman. Will he as a Brussels loving president spending three million dollars for one nights stay in Brussels recently, stoop as low as the E.U to get low information voters put to vote.



  67. Add Stephen King to this list. Full blown liberal who bashes the GOP and Tea Party and simultaneously endorsed Obama.

  68. Boycott Motown Records Over a major Cover up with Hollywood and the U.S. Copyright Library of Congress Boycott all of them 1983 Hollywood Grammys awards Cover up over the Song lyrics of Billionaire Paul McCartney Ebony and Ivory song they can rewrite history and that is what they just did. the song lyrics were written by a homeless person and Paul McCartney took all Redit for written it . this is a major cover up with the u.s. Copyright Office. Library of Congress.Reward of $1,000,000. Movie Rights for Sale $12,000,000. find a Movie Producer to buy my Movie Rights and Collect a Finder fee of $1,000,000. and for more information about the Murder of John Lennon just Contact YoK Ono about this Ebony and Ivory page. and Contact Billionaire Donald Trump in New York . N.Y. Boycott Obama. he is part of this Cover up with the Royal Family Queen of England.

  69. Hollywood is just cultural marxist tool of the super racist liberals and is a propoganda machine for falisification of history and bastardization of western culture.
    We will never buy a ticket or a movie and the racist american TV which is predominantly anti christian anti culture anti morals and pro jewish marxist judaic talmudism is a joke
    Time for some decent moral western people to make some actually good movies.
    Hollywood is absolute trash. Last movies I saw were so pathetic. Dear Lord they must have two years olds writing adult scripts. Internationally hollywood movies are a laughing stock All so predictably racist anti white anti christian anti anything but the myriads of oh so jewish people acting in them. Anti russian anti arab anti marriage anti family anti morality anti marriage anti God anti Jesus anti christ anti hetersexual anti german That’s it Hollyhell pro filth and brain dead Any christian who gives them one more cent hurts there faith there family there children there communities there homes We have all had ENOUGH

  70. Boycott Obama and Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder along with the U.S. Copyright Office over a major Cover up over the song lyrics of Ebony and Ivory Paul McCartney took all song credit a homeless man written that song Boycott Hollywood.this message came from Albert Werden.

  71. This guys has been in charge for 7 years. Now look at our country. They will still try to blame Wall Street, and blame racism, and believe it or not, ignorant people will believe it because they believe th fourth arm of the government, the liberal media. They should all be ashamed of themselves for what they have done to this country, all for the sake of winning elections. What is going to happen to our children and grandchildren. Wake up America!

  72. I am 100 percent in favor of boycott. All the filth coming from from Hollywood ,they have poisend the minds of our children,

  73. This is validation of what I already have come to believe. Obama is THE FALSE PROPHET!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE SO COMPLETELY BRAINWASHED. IT’S MIND BOGGLING.

  74. Screw Hollywood! These ultra liberal pukes think they are entitled to use their fame as personification for their liberal politics that have all but destroyed America. I will never pay to go see these embarrassments to America again, The liberals are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever come across.

  75. Thank God Odumber is out of the White House! He should have been impeached and arrested for high crimes, the asshole. As for Hollywood liberals…I saw boycott all of the losers who were against President Trump. Thank God for Trump!!! You liberals need to leave this country and take the Jews that are behind this whole thing too. After all who runs Hollywood, NYC, media and banking? Jews!!! run it. Look at liberal states, like California and New York City, too many jews and lots of regulations and debt.

    Rhonda Hislop

  76. The first show I boycotted was GreysAnatomy. I had been a fan since the show began, but decided not to give anymore ratings to this and many shows. I have banned football as well after the Kapernick fiasco.

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