Republican Congressmen Covering for Obama’s Eligibility Problems

Official Obama Bio stated until 2007
that he was Born in Kenya
When you watch these clips of Congressmen answering questions about Obama’s eligibility, you realize that they are all saying about the same thing.

They ought to be ashamed to tell us the lie that newspaper ads are adequate to prove the constitutional edibility of a president. It is pretty obvious that they have been giving marching orders by the Party leadership to suppress discussion of Obama’s eligibility issues.

Of the several hundred Republican congressmen, where are those who support open discussion of Obama’s constitutional eligibility? What are the odds that none of these hundreds of Congressmen would be interested in the subject, even though the birth certificate posted on the White House website has been proven to be a fraud after a forensic investigation by criminal professionals and Obama himself stated on his official biography given out by his publicist until 2007 that he was born in Kenya? These Congressmen are following orders from their Party cadres, not thinking independently for the good of America. They pretend to be on our side, but they are really not.

Some congressmen regurgitate the Republican talking point that this a distraction from “real” issues. The real issue is, whether Obama is above the law and the Constitution. Is he a king or is he a public servant, subject to American law? If this is just a distraction and Obama is really eligible, they could have put this issue to rest 4-5 years ago by having a real investigation and truly open public hearings on the matter.

Constitutional eligibility, especially of a president with Obama’s radical, revolutionary background is a more important issue than, for example, minor adjustments in the tax code. Instead of doing an open investigation, Congress has let this issue fester and grow for years now.

Congress does not do an investigation and even tries to stifle discussion, because they are afraid of where such an investigation could lead, not because they are confident that Obama is constitutionally eligible. If they were confident that they could prove that he is eligible, they would have ended this controversy years ago. It just shows the contempt that this Congress has for the opinions of the citizens. They know damn well there is a problem and are just trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Today, our Congressmen are just the willing lackeys of their Party leadership, groveling in order to get a few crumbs from this would-be Obama dictatorship. Their own leadership has their strings pulled by the same international money men, who control the Democratic Party.

American citizens should seriously consider the possibility that the two major parties may have finally decided that it is much easier and more profitable to collude than to compete, driven by international financial interests, who seek absolute control of both parties and the American government.


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3 thoughts on “Republican Congressmen Covering for Obama’s Eligibility Problems”

  1. We need a total, congressional flush.
    Obama should have been impeached 1,000 times over, but they hardly even whimper about the great atrocities this administration is doing to America. Fire them all and then expatriate them for high treason.

    1. It’s not just that they don’t complain about Obama’s atrocities, but Republican congressmen actively try to coverup for him and suppress any justified criticism of his actions. This is strong circumstantial evidence of collusion between the two parties to protect Obama by these political goons.

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