Anti-OBAMA Stencil – Make Your Own

You can make a stencil with a computer for pennies in under an hour. To create a computer-generated stencil, you can download stencil fonts for use with PowerPoint or MS Word at this link.

Urban Fonts

– After you have downloaded the file for the font, unzip it, if it is zipped.

– Right-click on the file containing the font and click “install” to install the font in on Windows 7.

– Use PowerPoint or Word to print out the stenciled message on a sheet of paper, card stock, construction paoper or plastic.

If you don’t want to design your own, you can also just copy paste and paste the one below into PowerPoint. To copy, click on the image, then right click and select “copy image”.)

IMPEACH OBAMA Stencil Pattern.

Making your own Re-Usable Stencils

As in the more exact instructions at the link above, ith an exacto-knife or razor blade, cut the colored part out (no pun intended). Then, you have a stencil that you can use to spray paint to cheaply make signs or paint walls, at bus stops, utility poles etc. and very quickly. It required only a few seconds to spray the message below. With a $5 can of paint, you can spray dozens of these messages.

“IMPEACH OBAMA” stenciled on sidewalk.

Be careful where you paint it, though, because it is illegal to “maliciously” vandalize public/private property. The key word is “malicious.” Try not to spray these anywhere, where it might cause a property owner, public or private, to think their property has been damaged. If you want it to be temporary or easily removed, use water soluble paint.

As a rule of thumb, put it in areas, where it can be seen but would not normally upset anyone, if it were not a political message. Let’s say you paint a message on a public curb or on pavement that is normally pretty scuffed up and where the message would wear off after a short time, anyway. It may be difficult for someone to make a case in such an area that you have damaged any property. Do not paint on traffic signs, on the side of private/public buildings, etc. That would make city officials and property owns angry, even people, who don’t support Obama. We want to get our message out and upset Obama followers, but not unduely upset any property owners.

You can use you own message, of course, but “IMPEACH OBAMA” is always a relevant message. It is the only short message that communicates that you think he has committed crimes, violated his oath or been extremely derelict in his duty. It also means that you think he should be forced out of office as soon as possible.

You can contact me via the link at the top of this page, if you have a photo of your work that you would like to share.

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