Common raps Black Nationalism & Revolution at Trinity UCC

Common raps about building the (black) nation, revolution and holy affirmation (of black identity) at Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago, Obama’s former pseudo-Christian church on New Year’s Eve, 2008. This just provides a direct clue that Trinity is a black nationalist church.

“Holy affirmation” refers to the affirmation of one’s blackness in opposition to whiteness, “the source of human misery” according to Black Liberation Theology.

This is a quote about affirmation from page 101 of James H. Cones’ “A Theology of Black Liberation, one of his foundation books on Black Liberation Theology, the declared doctrine of Obama’s fake church:

Common at Trinity
New Year's Eve, 2008

Freedom and Blackness. What does freedom mean when we relate it to contemporary America? Because blackness is at once the symbol of oppression and of the certainty of liberation, freedom means an affirmation of blackness. To be free is to be black-that is, identified with the victims of humiliation in human society and a participant in the liberation of oppressed humanity. The free per­son in America is the one who does not tolerate whiteness but fights against it, knowing that it is the source of human misery. The free person is the black person living in an alien world but refusing to behave according to its expectations.

Being free in America means accepting blackness as the only possible way of existing in the world. It means defining one’s identity by the marks of oppression. It means rejecting white proposals for peace and reconciliation, saying, “All we know is, we must have justice, not next week but this minute”

Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, and Denmark Vesey are examples of free persons. They realized that freedom and death were insepara­ble. The mythic value of their existence for the black community is incalculable, because they represent the personification of the pos­sibility of being in the midst of non being – the ability to be black in the presence of whiteness. Through them we know that freedom is what happens to blacks when they decide that whitey has gone too far and that it is incumbent upon them as the victims of humiliation to do something about the encroachment of whiteness. Freedom is the black movement of a people getting ready to liberate itself, knowing that it cannot be unless its oppressors cease to be.

Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser and Denmark Vesey led slave rebellions and are heroes to black nationalists. Nat Turner led a small band of slaves that indiscriminately slaughtered 56 men, women and children in 1831 in Virginia in hopes of starting a nation-wide rebellion. These are the genocidal roots of the black nationalism of Obama’s church.

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