Was Ronni Chasen Killed by a Black Racist?

Suspected Killer,
Harold Martin Smith.

Ronnie Chasen was the publicist who was shot in the chest 5 times and killed on a street in Beverly Hills, California. Harold Martin Smith, who is suspected of killing Ronni Chasen, had a 25-year criminal record and had served considerable time in prison. It is likely that he was a least familiar with the Nation of Islam’s doctrine of hate. The government allows them to teach this racist doctrine in prison as an accepted religion. The police say the murder was motivated by the intent to commit “robbery,” but oddly the “robber” did not bother to take anything.

Black on white violent crime, such as rape and murder, is disproportionately higher than white on black crime. Black on white murders are about 5 times higher than white on black murders. Certainly, a significant amount of these crimes are incited by the racial hatred of the genocidal doctrines of hate of the Nation of Islam, Black Liberation Theology and other such racist Black Nationalist quasi-religious belief systems that have become prominent in the black population in recent decades.

Black Theology is a racist identity movement. There are a number of different groups, including the Nation of Islam, pseudo-Christian black churches with doctrines based on Black Liberation Theology, the New Black Panther Party and other groups that form a broad cult movement that was started 80-90 years ago. This cult movement has become very wide-spread and influential in black society in the decades since the 1960’s. Different branches of the movement have carried out some horrific crimes that sometimes have been under reported in the media.

The head of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, prophesied a great race war that was to start around 1970. This race war would be the start of their version of Armageddon. In 1973-74 a series of random killings of whites were carried out by members of the Nation of Islam’s paramilitary, called the Fruit of Islam. This crime was called the “Zebra Killings.” Four members of the FOI were convicted of killing 14 whites. More such groups of killers were thought to be active, but were never caught. The killers had revived a mandate from the founder of the Nation of Islam, Fard Muhammad, that members should each sacrifice four whites. The killers selected their victims at random and were told that it was better to kill women and children, because that is mentally more difficult to do and demonstrates more determination. The San Francisco Chronicle speculated that the Zebra killers meant to start a race war.

Louis Farrakhan is Elijah Muhammad’s successor as head of the Nation of Islam. In the past year, Farrakhan has also been heralding Armageddon, which he calls “The Great War,” in public speeches that he has delivered. Our politically-correct media and police agencies, of course, do not investigate or report any connections to the ideology of such Black Nationalist groups.

This particular crime may or may not have been motivated by racial hatred, but the media and police should start more actively considering this as a motivation and looking for connections to other similar crimes. Thousands of Americans should not be dying just so the media and police agencies can maintain their feeling of political correctness. At least the question should be asked in such cases and one gets the strong impression that it is often not even considered by the media or the police.

Elijah Muhammad explains that the white man is literally the devil. The theology of the Nation of Islam has not changed or been renounced since his time. Farrakhan still preaches it and the prison system is a major recruitment tool for the NOI. Other black nationalist doctrines, such as Black Liberation Theology have similar concepts of collective guilt and demonization of the white race. Black Liberation Theology is derived largely from the hateful theology that Elijah Muhammad originally formulated.

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2 thoughts on “Was Ronni Chasen Killed by a Black Racist?”

  1. You have a very significant point. Also, I read recently of the shooting death of Officer Thomas by racially motivated Islamist African America Brian Washington which was a pedestrian vs driver encounter, also. He had just days before shot at and tried to kill a lady driver in another shooting attempt but she ducked and literally dodged the bullet which hit through the windshield.

    1. I’ll try to learn something about these when I have time. Am sort of busy with the holidays right now, but that is the point, to try to get people to watch for patterns.

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