Wisc. school apologizes for using video of celebrities pledging service to Obama Comment

Wisc. school apologizes for using video of celebrities pledging service to Obama Comment

School officials in Hudson, Wisconsin, issued an apology after parents responded angrily to a video showing celebrities pledging to serve Barack Obama in a manner one parent said was reminiscent of Nazi Germany, The Blaze reported Sunday.

And then there was one – Obama

And then there was one – Obama

The Obama tornadoes wreak destruction everywhere as he and his minions prune, trim and reshape America.  He and his demolition team could care less about broken legs and ripped off arms here and there.  The lights are humming and buzzing as the Obama monster is getting ready to get up from the table and finish the job.  Will we let him?  I won’t insult Frankenstein.  I would prefer him to the Obama monster being built.Where is the Obama vision taking us

Schools – There will be only one – Common Core

Everything must be one – controlled and shaped by Obama and his handlers.  As in the days of Adolph Hitler, Obama must take over the minds and futures of our children.  He will rise up and army of obedient ‘Stepford wives’ happily serving big Government and Obama.  They will stop dreaming about becoming a Doctor, Firefighter, Pastor or Teacher.  They will only think of their appointed place in the ‘Global Community’  ‘Private-Public Partnerships’ and latest ‘redistribution of wealth scheme ordered by Obama and his staff.  Commentator and investigative journalist  Sher Zieve (regular on my national radio show each Monday) captured this Nazi spirit beautifully in her article.

March on Washington on Hitler’s Birthday (April 20th)

Statue-of-Liberty-in-Hell--54885This group is organizing a march on Washington on April 20th. That happens to be the birthday of the dear Führer, Adolf Hitler. It is most likely either a leftist hoax or a white-supremacist-backed event.

Note: since this was posted the date has been changed on their website and the rhetoric dialed back.

The agenda described and rhetoric used on the website sounds a lot like the Christian Identity/Freemen agenda. The stated revolutionary goal is to have the Government dismiss themselves and return the “US to a Republic.” That is an oft-stated goal of groups like the Freemen, a kind of Nazi-like Christian Identity group, who wants to return the US to a Republic as it was before the 14th Amendment guaranteed the citizenship of former slaves.

Global Mutiny

Kind of reminds one of the old days, when the Brown Shirts surrounded the German Parliament and demanded that they give up power by approving the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Empowerment Act), which gave Hitler dictatorial powers.

Another group with dubious connections proposed a similar march a couple of years ago on the same date, if I am not mistaken. Very symbolic, but nothing came of it.

It could just be an internet hoax. Some O-bot may be trying to see how may people they can entice to demonstrate on Hitler’s birthday, which was celebrated in Nazi Germany. Parents used to offer their children to Hitler on his this day for the Hitler Youth as a (demonic) birthday present.

Or, maybe the DHS needs to provoke a situation, where they can attract enough white supremacists to test the new tanks that they are buying for the Civilian National Security Force.

Nazis and KKK groups have worked together in the past. Don’t be surprised, if some event like this serves as an excuse for Obama to grab more power. Here the former KKK Grand Dragon, Tom Metzger, reviews the history of cooperation between black and white supremacist groups at a conference of the Black Panthers.


You may remember that the Nazis blamed the burning of the Reichstag on a mentally-retarded Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe. However, it was thought to have been a false flag operation staged by the Nazis themselves.

A natural scapegoat for an Obama power grab would be white supremacists and militia members. Now would be the perfect time, after Obama has got them all riled up and in the public mind with his executive orders on gun control.

A man at one of my own protests, who described himself as a member of the American Nazi Party told me once that they are “trying to work with the blacks” and he was against the impeachment of Obama for that reason.


Farrakhan on Django – Preparation for Race War

Louis Farrakhan says Django is preparation for a race war. The end times scenario of the Nation of Islam is that Armageddon with start with a race ware and then a giant spaceship will appear that will destroy whitey.

Black Liberation Theology, the cult doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years, is a pseudo-Christian doctrine, derived in large part from the theology of the Nation of Islam. It’s includes a racial confrontation as part of their own end times scenario. The destruction of the white man and America’s institutions will bring on a global utopian paradise, their version of a biblical kingdom of God on earth.

The plot of the film, Independence Day is loosely based on the end times scenario of the Nation of Islam.




Who will survive Obama’s Second Term?

This blogger was one of the first to write that Obama’s agenda is to destroy America. These days it seems like almost everyone is saying it. That just shows how far we have come.

This is the divine goal of Black Liberation Theology, a hateful and perverse pseudo-Christian cult religious doctrine, and it is also the goal of other influences in this life, such as the communism of Frank Marshall Davis. However, because he has a perverse agenda to do it, does not mean he will actually be able to do it.

Come on, folks. America has withstood worse times than this (see the Civil War) and its destruction is a lot easier said than done. Obama and his minions are hardly Supermen, even if they believe it in their own fantasies. Have a little confidence. At the rate Obama is descending, it will not be America, which is destroyed, but Obama in his second term, if he should be re-elected.

The Democrats should be fighting the hardest to put this megalomanic loon out of office, because the collapse of his support in a second term will also expose the deceit and frauds of the leadership of the Democratic Party.

The Republican leadership has also not responded as they should have to Obama’s criminality and malfeasance in office and they will also have their pants pulled down to their ankles in full public view in Obama’s second term.

There is no need to go into the enormous lies and deception of the corporate media that will come to public light.

Fear is used to keep the opposition under control. We need less fear and more confidence that the Obama/Black Messiah lunacy is well on its way to utter collapse. We need people to act on their new-found confidence to help pull down this crumbling monument to stupidity and corruption. Let us do it together to re-affirm the past one more time. Chances like this do not come often. We are honored to have the opportunity to do the right thing and almost certainly without the much more severe sacrifices that those in the past have had to make.

Every cloud has a silver lining and there would actually be benefits to an Obama second term. This is not something so much to be feared, though it will be a hardship for a great many people, but it should also be accepted for the change that it would produce. The current political correctness should be an early casualty.

Of course, he can also be voted out and disgraced, but just saying that a second term is not going to destroy America and it will be more like water torture of the political and media elites that have propped up the Obama regime.

Obama – Part of the Black Nazi / KKK Movement

Many noticed back in 2008 that the Obama campaign had a lot of similarities in aesthetics to Nazism. It has been much pooh-poohed, however, the Founder of the black nationalist movement, Marcus Garvey, believed that the success of the white man was due to white supremacist groups and the mandated that blacks form groups similar to the KKK.

via Obama – Part of the Black Nazi / KKK Movement.

Obama Messiah Movement is Quasi-Religious

Obama portrayed
as the God, Shiva
The Obama movement is a quasi religious movement. Obama is seen as many things to many people consciously or sometimes unconsciously. Many blacks see him as the black Messiah or Savior and Louis Farrakhan publicly insinuated that he is that. Many whites see him as the redeemer of their white guilt complex. New Agers and other occultists have a similar concept of a messiah, who will be just a regular man of flesh and blood, who transforms the world into Utopia.

Obama wants to be a world messiah and would dearly love for Muslims to regard him as the Mahdi (Messiah), who is also supposed to return in the Islamic version of the End Times. The black Al Qaeda flag with the moon on it signifies the return of the Mahdi.

The Muslim Brotherhood is also expecting the appearance of a Mahdi, who will be a man of flesh and blood, and will make it possible to re-establish the Caliphate, a Islamic theocratic dictatorship, which unifies the Muslim world. This is the purpose of his turning over much of the Middle East to the fascist Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, an ally of the Nazis in WWII that spawned Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

If you are wondering why people accept high gasoline prices and the bad economy, without becoming completely disgusted with Obama, this is the reason. It is also the reason that judges obey his every whim. Mass psychology is a very powerful thing. Many have a near religious commitment to him. Obama, himself, promised publicly to heal the planet and make the oceans recede. The normal political talk about taxes, the economy and other such mundane issues will not change the mind of people, who really expect Obama to transform their lives and create utopian perfection on earth.

The way to end a messianic quasi-religious movement like this is to expose it to the public, explain it to people and attack the core principles of the belief. This is also easier said than done, though. As a start, people have to start talking about it in the open as an occult religious movement that promotes the quasi-religious worship of a man, Obama, as divinity on earth, the Messiah.

Al Qaeda Flag foretells the Appearance
of the Mahdi (Islamic Messiah)

The real Reason Many call Obama a ‘Muslim’

Obama attended a madrassa (Muslim school) for a couple of years. His father and step-father, whether practicing or not, came from Muslim families. From his speeches and other signals, Obama clearly has a great affinity and admiration for Islam and is not fond of traditional Christianity. However, Obama has not practiced Islam, since he was a small child, over 40 years.

You can say he is a “cultural” Muslim, because he embraced his ethnic Muslim family, but I think there is another reason that many simply prefer to call him a “Muslim” and ignore the fact that he was part of a nominally “Christian” church for 20 years, which has a bizarre, heretical, racist black identity doctrine. There is a desire to label Obama something foreign and alien to America, in large degree to avoid a controversial discussion of American religion.

Many of the first American settlers were religious refugees from Europe. Often these settlers had unorthodox, heretical and occult religious beliefs. Many of the home-grown religious groups in the US have such doctrines that are unorthodox and that were influenced by heretical, occult doctrines imported from Europe and expanded in the United States, which are often also hostile to traditional Christian belief, holding that traditional belief is apostate. Mormonism and Black Liberation Theology both come from this same heretical Christian religious tradition and actually share some common gnostic theological roots.

Some of these heretical new religions, like Black Liberation Theology and Mormonism have religious doctrines, which teach that they will dominate and install their own political theocracy in the United States. A lot of people, who may hold similar and related religious beliefs, or are just too politically correct, do not want a public discussion of what is Christian and what is not. So, it is convenient to just simplistically and disingenuously label Obama a “Muslim” and avoid any public discussion of which home-grown American religious sects are legitimately “Christian” and which aren’t. In effect, they continuously repeat a lie in order to avoid any real religious discussion, which would make them feel uncomfortable.

They just sweep the issue under the rug. This also has a lot to do with why so many people labeled Black Liberation Theology “Marxist,” another alien doctrine, though Black Liberation Theology has very deep theological roots in the black religious tradition of the United States and the Caribbean and borrows much from the white unorthodox religious tradition of America.

“Liberation Theology” of South American origin (Peru) may have ties to Marxism, but “Black Liberation Theology” was formalized several years before “Liberation Theology” and it originated in America with black American roots, not in South America.

Many are afraid to face up to the truth of these American religious issues and we are suffering greatly, because of this political correctness and willful ignorance.


This is a pretty good book that discusses the history of messianic, black religious doctrines in the United States, though it does not specifically address Obama’s Black Liberation Theology.

“Black Messiahs and Uncle Toms”, by Wilson Jeremiah Moses