Chicano Park Day – Neo-Pagan “Danza Azteca” Ritual

For Chicanos, Danza Azteca is a form of prayer for the return of their mythical homeland, Aztlán, which they claim is the entire Southwestern United States. Chicano-ism is a Mexican/Latino cult movement and a branch of the indigenous movement, some of whose adherents ultimately seek to return the Americas back to pre-Columbian times.

The Dance (Danza Azetca) is similar in religious significance to the Ghost Dance of the 1890’s among American Indians, which was meant to bring on the end of the white man and ended with the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Chicano-ism started in the late 1960’s and was influenced by the American Indian Movement, which as inspired by the Ghost Dance movement and Wounded Knee.

Chicano Park is a public park, owned by Caltrans and maintained by the City of San Diego. The Obama administration spent about $2 million just before the election of 2012 to restore the murals, which honor Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and various Mexican revolutionaries as well as many neo-pagan and occult themes.

Chicano Park & the Cult of Aztlán

Obama’s Psychopathic Narcissism / Megalomania

This is a short overview of Narcissism and why some say Obama is an extreme Narcissist or pathological Narcissist, also called an egomaniac or a megalomaniac.

The Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years under Jeremiah Wright is a cult religious doctrine, which holds that the black race is God and that a Messiah will arise from the black race to destroy America.

Obama declared in his Nobel Prize lecture that we have a spark of divinity within us. That man has a spark of divinity that he can develop into god-hood is a basic concept of occult religions.

At the ten-year 9/11 memorial, Obama reads a carefully-selected Psalm that allows him to hint in public that he is God.

Farrakhan declares in 2008 that Obama is the “Messiah.” Black Liberation Theology was inspired by Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Both cult doctrines teach that the black man is the manifestation of God on Earth.


An Obama Cult?

In this week’s analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses: the expensive inauguration of President Obama; disturbing references to Obama as a messiah; the definition of an assault weapon; a good Wall Street Journal article by John Lott entitled, “The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime”; a quote from Patrick Henry regarding how the Constitution is an instrument for the People to restrain the government; and whether the Arab Spring in Egypt has produced a hater of Jews.


Obama Eligibility Fraud Case NOT Going Away! Congressmen STILL Pursuing!

Obama Eligibility Fraud Case NOT Going Away! Congressmen STILL Pursuing!

On the radio show Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups Mike Zullo of the Arpaio Cold Case Posse team outlines the current realities on the ground regarding the case against the birth documents offered by the White House which supposedly proved that the President was born in Hawaii and which were later proven to be fraudulently manufactured.

Click photo for more details.

Pope Francis, a Fan of Liberation Theology?

pope_francis_paintingPope Benedict was the brains behind the Church’s role in the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe.  Popes usually die in office in recent history. Looks like Pope Benedict was forced out and replaced by a different agenda, Pope Francis. Have the Luciferians taken over the Vatican? Read more here…

Hard questions about Francis in Argentina and a lesson from Chile

Obama says he is “hugely impressed” with the Pope Francis, not a good sign for a Pope, to be praised by the anti-Christian Obama.





Lawmaker compares Obama to Hitler: Arizona Rep. Brenda Barton angry over shutdown

Lawmaker compares Obama to Hitler: Arizona Rep. Brenda Barton angry over shutdown

PAYSON, AZ – Republican Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson compared President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler on her Facebook page Monday in a post urging county sheriffs to revoke authority from the National Parks Service “thugs” who are enforcing the federal shutdown on national parks lands. Click on photo for more…

SEIU Busts Up Impeach-Obama Overpass Demos in California

Caltrans has broken up several impeach Obama demos, lately. The communist-infiltrated Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is the largest union in California State Government and is also active in Caltrans. The blue-collar Caltrans employees are likely SEIU members or otherwise influenced by SEIU leaders and paid with tax money to disrupt these protests.

Obama worked as an organizer with SEIU and SEIU is one of Obama’s biggest supporters and campaign contributors.

SEIU has also unionized Departments of Transportation in other states.

National Health Care: Medicine in Germany, 1918-1945

National Health Care: Medicine in Germany, 1918-1945

Does the modern bureaucratization of medicine risk a return to the horrors of national socialist medicine?

O-Bot Flags an Impeach-Obama Overpass Demo

Patriot Fire 🔥

This is standard operating procedure of the Obama followers that is encouraged around the country. It’s the same thing they do with Internet posts that they don’t like to disrupt and try to have them deleted.

Be aware that Obama operatives monitor your events and plan to do this and other things to disrupt them. To help avoid a bad response from the police, notify them and highway patrol 1-2 days ahead of time about your peaceful demo. If they know about it, they may not even have to respond to such 911 calls from O-bots. Otherwise they are required to respond to 911 calls by law.

Turn the tables on them. Tell the police when you call them that you are concerned that political operatives will make 911 calls, as a dirty trick, to try to use the police to disrupt your demo and deny you your 1st Amendment…

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