Fox News Sister-Channel to Air Pro-Obama Doku-Drama on November 4th

A channel owned by the same parent company as Fox News will be airing a dramatization of the killing of Osama bin Laden two days before the election. The National Geographic channel is primarily owned by News Corp, the parent company of Fox News.

News Corp is controlled by a partnership between globalist, Rupert Murdock and the Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal, whose American adviser helped groom Obama when he was still a student with financial aid and by using his influence to help get him into Harvard and presumably to also become editor of the Harvard Law Review, though he was totally unqualified for the job.

Film dramatizing bin Laden raid airing Nov. 4

Saudis own Obama and Fox News

Obama/Romney Choice Makes Monkeys out of Voters

The choice between Obama and Romney makes monkeys out of the voters. Both candidates present similar problems. Both are beholden to global money interests, to which US interests and law are often just a nuisance. Both are liberal and support socialist solutions. Both have constitutional eligibility issues, which they refuse to address. Both are willing to shred the Constitution. Both have radical NWO-ready religions, which have obnoxious doctrines that teach the members will overturn the existing system and create a theocratic biblical “kingdom” in America, which will be a real political dictatorship. Especially, this latter concept should disqualify presidential candidates in the minds of voters.


Mitt Romney vs. Obama – Is the Fix Already In?

Infamous White Sox Team Members,
Who Threw the World Series in 1919
In 1919 several members of the White Sox Team conspired to purposely lose the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. If you were playing on such a team and you knew they intended to lose, would you keep playing, in order to cover for them, or throw your glove down and walk off the field in disgust to expose the sham.

Many people, including Mike Savage, feel that John McCain did not try very hard to win the election. He made certain topics, such as Obama hate-America sect, out of bounds and sometimes attacked his own supporters more harshly than he would Obama for doing such things as calling Obama a “Muslim” when he certainly has Muslim sympathies and is at least a “cultural” Muslim. That is someone, who identifies with Islam, due to family/ethnic ties.


Mike Savage – Romney Fall Guy for Obama, Like McCain


The Republicans, in general, have been strangely unresponsive to many of the issues with Obama. Just to name a few:

– They did not help vet Obama’s background or his doubtful eligibility and do not seem to care a whit about the constitutional requirements for eligibility to serve in the office.

– They did not oppose the unlawful war in Libya, when Obama thumbed his nose at the constitutional requirement for waging war.

– They have not seriously tried to oppose or investigate his several serious unconstitutional actions.

Romney is also not exactly playing hardball with Obama. He does not really challenge him on any important points.

Romney cannot challenge him on religion, because Mormonism is pretty strange in it’s own right and Romney does not want to talk about religion.

So, if the fix is in and Romney is expected to lose, the question is do you keep playing along and supporting him so that it validates this fraud and looks like a fair election? Or, do you throw down your glove and walk off the field in disgust to expose this fraud for what it is? That is, not support him and not vote for him, since he is obviously not playing as hard as he should and most of the rest of his Republican team mates are obviously not playing hard either. Apparently, most of them do not feel this country is worth fighting for.

Make Obama and Romney really Duke it Out

We have a miserable choice between Obama and Romney. There are things about both of them that their parties want to keep hidden. The way to get them to fight harder is to withhold support, until the end. The Republicans never vetted and challenged Obama like they should have on his eligibility or what Black Liberation Theology is really about; that is black supremacy and the divine destruction of white society, America and the Christian church. Black Liberation Theology teaches that blacks will rule after the destruction of white society, that is implement a black theocracy. Neither the politicians not the media want to go there.

On the other hand, Romney is a high priest in the Mormon Melchizedek Order of the Mormon church. This is a religious group that has implemented a political theocratic dictatorship in the past in the Mormon territory and they have no regrets about that. The fundamental mission of the church is to do it again on a global scale, if they get the chance.

Many would also like to see Romney show documentation that his father was a US citizen when Mitt was born. The historic definition of the natural-born citizenship requirement for the president of the Constitution is that your parents must be citizens.

Both major political parties want to polarize the public and demonize the other side so much that they will support one side or the other unconditionally and blindly. The way to make them really compete and talk more about these issues is to not be a rah-rah supporter from the beginning, but to be more critical of both parties and withhold support for any candidate until these issues do get a fair public hearing.

The 1st Amendment prohibits the Government from applying a religious test, but not the voters from being informed and having their own opinions about a candidates religious background and beliefs.

America can survive either of these candidates being elected. What America cannot survive is that the politicians and media are allowed to withhold the truth on important issues like these from public discussion.

Many people think the only issues are such mundane things as taxes and economic growth. Constitutional eligibility is a serious issue that many do not want to talk about, because both parties have candidates or potential candidates that may be ineligible. When a candidate has a religious belief that is fundamentally about the divine destiny of America as Mormonism and Black Liberation Theology both have, that is also a very serious issue that should be discussed. Candidates for the presidency are not princes dueling to become king. All candidates must be answerable to the American people.

Obama’s Gestapo uses Schutzhaft (Protective Custody) to detain ‘State Enemy’

Erik Holder
Taking “enemies” of the state into so-called “protective custody” was one of the most useful tools of the GESTAPO of the Third Reich. Holder and der Führer are likely just testing the waters to see, if Americans will tolerate their locking up critics in mental institutions.

The paragraph below is taken from the this website The Nizkor Project – The Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) & Sicherheitsdienst

The great power of the GESTAPO was “Schutzhaft” — the power to imprison people without judicial proceedings on the theory of “protective custody.” This power was based upon the law of 28 February 1933 which suspended the clauses of the Weimar Constitution guaranteeing civil liberties to the German people, including Article 114 thereof, which provided that an abridgement of personal liberty was permissible only by authority of law. (2499-PS)

In this clip below, Obama’s own “GESTAPO,” commanded by Erik Holder, arrests a enemy of the state (Volksvermin) and puts him in protective custody for the high treasonous crime of posting his political views on FaceBook. They then haul him off to a mental institution for incarceration and interrogation.

The person, Brandon J. Raub, is lucid and cooperative. He is a veteran of the Marines and does not appear to be having any kind of a psychotic episode that would justify such an arrest. It is very unusual to have FBI agents, committing someone to a mental hospital. If he committed a crime, he should be charged with it, until it is determined that he is mentally ill.

Marine Veteran Arrested for FaceBook Post – Pat Dollard


This is the same sort of thing that the GESTAPO used to do. The Nazis did it on a larger scale and re-wrote the law so that they had leeway to do anything that they wanted. But it is still early in their reign. Obama’s thugs may get there, eventually.

Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama to Adolf Hitler

David Duke & Obama
Rush compared Obama to Adolf Hitler in the way he makes propaganda. Hitler is a useful icon. When you invoke Hitler in a comparison everyone knows what you mean, but a more accurate comparison would be to David Duke the debonair, American neo-Nazi and Grand Wizard of the KKK, who put a friendly face on racial extremism.

Rush Limbaugh compares Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler

The black liberation doctrine of Obama’s church in Chicago is based on black racial identity and is similar to a black version of Nazism in its fundamental racial concept. It is little understood history, but black emulation of white supremacy goes back nearly a century, when Marcus Garvey recommended that black groups model themselves after white supremacist groups. Garvey was the prophet of black nationalism and once predicted that one day the black race would produce their own “black Hitler.” See the link below for more information.

Obama & the Black Nazi Movement

Jeremiah Wright has been the leading implementer of the ideas of Black Liberation Theology in the nation and Obama called him his spiritual guide. So, it is absurd to say that Obama did not know what Black Liberation theology is all about, the destruction of the white race, America and the traditional Christian church. The media never fully explained to the public what Black Liberation Theology is and how it relates to black nationalist sects, such as Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, which was in large part the inspiration for the Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s own anti-American religious sect, ministered by the now notorious Jeremiah Wright.

Fox News Owner says Illegal Aliens are “Natural Republicans”

Rupert Murdock is a globalist and business partner with Saudi Prince, al-Waleed, bin Talaal, who is the foremost promoter of Muslim culture in the world. Al-Waleed’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, assisted Obama when he was still a student. Khalid al-Mansour is a black nationalist who is rabidly genocidal against whites. Yet, many people still think that Fox News supports American interests.

To derisive laughter, Murdock describes illegal aliens as “natural Republicans” in the clip below. This just shows how anti-American the senile owner of Fox News really is and this filters down to all of the employees at Fox News, who have to please the boss to keep their jobs. Fox News is poisonous sludge that people allow to pour into their living rooms on a nightly basis. It fronts as being pro-American, but that is really a great fraud. Fox News bends the truth or leaves part of it out to suit the agenda of their owners.

Murdock describes those, who would oppose this idea, “a little corner of the Party” and that the worst they would do is that “a few of them would stay home” (and probably turn on Fox News). He says what are the going to do, vote for Obama? They know very well that they have us cornered.

Rupert Murdock has said publicly in the past that if you find your town has become majority Spanish-speaking, then just get used to it. That is the way the world is, today, with globalization.

Paul Robeson – Obama’s Prototype as Black Messiah

Police Beat Robeson Supporter
at Pro-Communist Rally
Paul Robeson was called the “Great Forerunner” (of the black messiah to come). For a time it was thought that he could be the prophesied, black messiah, who has been anticipated in the black community for 200 years or longer, a mystical leader, who would overturn the satanic white system and liberate the blacks of the world.

Robeson was the mentor of Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s own mentor. For this reason it is believable that Davis put the idea of the mystical black messiah in Obama’s head at a very early age. He had contacts via Paul Robeson to people, who could provide funds and help advance Obama in his education and in politics. It was no accident that Obama joined Jeremiah Wright’s church which has a black liberation doctrine, based on a black messiah, who would be an ordinary man.

Robeson was a world-famous singer and actor with many powerful contacts in other countries hostile to the United States. He was a secular black nationalist and a communist sympathizer. Robeson thought that communism could be used to liberate Africa from colonialism. Robeson was asked to run as his vice-presidential candidate by famous occultist and communist sympathizer, Henry Wallace, who ran for President in 1948 as the candidate of the New Progressive Party. Wallace had to drop out of the race after some bizarre letters to his occult guru in Russia were published in the press.

At this pro-communist concert/rally in Peekskill, Robeson was said to have lead the first communist paramilitary in the United States. Afterwards his passport was confiscated for a time by the FBI as a security risk.

A Rough Sunday at Peekskill

“Paul Robeson: Messiah of Color,” The Freeman, November 13, 1950, p. 111

Obama – A Time for Uncivil Discourse

If a couple of known arsonists moved into your home and started arranging things to make a big fire, would you be civil to them? I hope not!

If you had friends in your home, who were not helping to stop the arsonists from burning down your house, would you be civil in your request to them for help? I doubt it!

So, why are people being civil to Obama and his followers. What Obama is doing is many orders of magnitude worse. There is plenty of reason to believe that Obama has malicious intentions in his taking as much control as possible of the government, usurping the powers of other branches of Government, not enforcing laws that he does not like, waging illegal wars, hamstringing our economy, turning much of the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc, etc. People should have started attacking him personally in the first campaign, but they were too timid and cowardly to do it.

Others may not believe that you take it seriously, unless you get excited about it. They need to here that “primal scream” as a warning that there is something wrong. There are a lot of clueless people out there, who will not know that Obama is a danger until people get passionate about it.

The danger is not in speaking up. The real danger is that Obama will be successful in his plans to take down America. Obama and his minions want you to be civil, so that they can continue to subvert the system. Don’t let the bastards do it. Call them out!