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Fox News Sister-Channel to Air Pro-Obama Doku-Drama on November 4th

A channel owned by the same parent company as Fox News will be airing a dramatization of the killing of Osama bin Laden two days before the election. The National Geographic channel is primarily owned by News Corp, the parent … Continue reading

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What Can I Do to Stop Obamanism?

Learn something simple that everyone can do to help stop Obamanism. Stopping Obamanism – What Can I Do?.

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Obama/Romney Choice Makes Monkeys out of Voters

The choice between Obama and Romney makes monkeys out of the voters. Both candidates present similar problems. Both are beholden to global money interests, to which US interests and law are often just a nuisance. Both are liberal and support … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney vs. Obama – Is the Fix Already In?

In 1919 several members of the White Sox Team conspired to purposely lose the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. If you were playing on such a team and you knew they intended to lose, would you keep playing, in … Continue reading

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Make Obama and Romney really Duke it Out

We have a miserable choice between Obama and Romney. There are things about both of them that their parties want to keep hidden. The way to get them to fight harder is to withhold support, until the end. The Republicans … Continue reading

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Obama’s Gestapo uses Schutzhaft (Protective Custody) to detain ‘State Enemy’

Taking “enemies” of the state into so-called “protective custody” was one of the most useful tools of the GESTAPO of the Third Reich. Holder and der Führer are likely just testing the waters to see, if Americans will tolerate their … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama to Adolf Hitler

Rush compared Obama to Adolf Hitler in the way he makes propaganda. Hitler is a useful icon. When you invoke Hitler in a comparison everyone knows what you mean, but a more accurate comparison would be to David Duke the … Continue reading

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Fox News Owner says Illegal Aliens are “Natural Republicans”

Rupert Murdock is a globalist and business partner with Saudi Prince, al-Waleed, bin Talaal, who is the foremost promoter of Muslim culture in the world. Al-Waleed’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, assisted Obama when he was still a student. Khalid al-Mansour … Continue reading

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Paul Robeson – Obama’s Prototype as Black Messiah

Paul Robeson was called the “Great Forerunner” (of the black messiah to come). For a time it was thought that he could be the prophesied, black messiah, who has been anticipated in the black community for 200 years or longer, … Continue reading

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Obama – A Time for Uncivil Discourse

If a couple of known arsonists moved into your home and started arranging things to make a big fire, would you be civil to them? I hope not! If you had friends in your home, who were not helping to … Continue reading

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