Jim Jones Cult & Similarities To The Obama Movement

There are theological similarities between the Jimmy Jones cult and Obama’s Black Liberation Theology. Both are based on self-worship, anti-Christianity and creation of a man-made utopian kingdom on earth. There is also a connection between Jim Jones and Frank Marshall Davis, via the communist sympathizer, Paul Robeson, who was the vice presidential candidate in 1948 for the Progressive Party with Henry Wallace as presidential candidate. Wallace’s presidential bid ended and the Progressive Party dissolved after a scandal which connected Henry Wallace to an occult mystical, guru in the Soviet Union. It was absorbed into the other two political parties, mainly the Democratic Party.

People forget that Jim Jones was to many a well-respected community leader with much political influence right up until the time of the mass suicide. If Obama were thrown out of office, due to his abuse of power and outright crimes, would it surprise anyone, if there were a cataclysm of some kind even much greater than Jonestown. It does not necessarily have to be mass suicide, but an outbreak of violence.


“Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived” by David Conn

Jim Jones

Community Organizing – Alinsky and Anarchism

The video below is a pretty good discussion of what basic Alinsky-organizing is about. It’s about anarchism, getting things for disadvantaged people in order to gain personal power and ultimately destroying the old system to be replaced by something new. It is not ideological but can be used by any revolutionary ideology to destroy the old system. The term “community organizing” is an euphemism and the technique could more accurately be called “agitation and provocation.”

Alinsky taught that incremental steps and small successes were the way to build power. If Obama follows this principle, do not expect him to declare martial law or take away your guns overnight. He will do it a little at a time, more in line with the boiling-the-frog-technique.

Alinsky's Methods based Al Capon's Mob.
Alinsky’s Methods based on
Al Capon’s Gangsterism.

Saul Alinsky sought out the successors of Al Capone’s mafia in Chicago and lived closely with them to study their techniques. The mob also often adopts a “rob from the rich, give to the poor” strategy in order to gain power and keep power via public support.

Alinsky said that the goal of his technique is to “gain power.” He gave an acknowledgement to Lucifer in his book “Rules for Radical,” because that is what the Luciferian concept is about, revolution, destroying the old system and gaining power.

Obama is a professional Alinsky agitator, trained by Alinsky’s best students, and he taught these radical revolutionary techniques to others. He and Michelle Obama both stated that he intended to apply Alinsky’s methods to politics. Alinsky is the tool that Obama uses to gain power. The ideology is Black Liberation Theology, which is about the takeover and destruction of the current American system.


Obama’s Use of Gangster Tactics in Politics – Saul Alinsky

Megalomaniac in the White House?

Imagine the US had a megalomanic president, who was raised from childhood by his occult-believing mother and a mentor (such as maybe Frank Marshall Davis) to think that he had a special, mystical destiny to transform the world and who ultimately would be worshiped as a God. World transformation requires destruction of the old world and its institutions, in order to create a new world.

Compare to some of the people in this 1-hour documentary:

Megyn Kelly Promotes Destruction of Constitution on Fox News

The men, who have controlling interest in Fox News are the globalists and business partners, Rupert Murdock and Al-Waleed bin Talal. Rupert Murdock is from a country with a very weak constitution that can be changed easily and Al-Waleed bin Talal is a Saudi Prince, the foremost promoter of Islamic culture and Sharia law in the world. Al Waleed is one of the half dozen wealthiest men in the world.

Bin Talaal’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, supported Obama financially as a student and helped him gain admission to Harvard.

The Constitution limits the power that globalists can exercise over the US. For this reason, Fox News airs this concept of destruction of the Constitution, which is also happens to be one of the primary goals of Obama, Al-Waleed’s protégé.

Megyn Kelly tries to appear, as if she is pro-Constitution, in order to keep the support of her viewers, but this is like giving a Communist a sympathetic interview on national cable TV. It is treason, not just another opinion. She did not seriously argue for the Constitution in this clip or “grill him” as the title of the clip states. She just gave him an opportunity to air his un-American opinion.

It is promoting the idea that the Constitution should be scrapped, which is the only thing protecting us from the dictatorship that the wealthy elites desire, so that they can increase their power and wealth.

Why Election Fraud Will Not Be Investigated in 2012

In two words, the reason voting fraud will not be investigated in 2012 is “Eric Holder.” The New Black Panthers were back intimidating white voters again at the polls and nothing will be done about that. I do not want to sound defeatist and any fraud discovered should be pursued in any way possible, but does anyone really expect that any significant ballot fraud in Obama’s favor will be investigated by the Civil Rights Division of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice?

Below is an interesting 10-minute interview from Scribecast of J. Christian Adams, the DoJ attorney assigned to the case in 2008 of voter suppression by the New Black Panther Party. His book “Injustice” is recommended reading and is available from Amazon.

Audio – J. Christian Adams on Obama’s Lawless Department of Justice

Another point is that free elections are not possible without a free media and the American media is largely under the thumb of Obama. As Mike Savage said, the fourth estate has become the fifth column. They never investigated and vetted Obama’s radical background nor his illegal actions while in office.

In this sense the last two elections were stolen, because the average voter did not have the information that they needed to make a decision. It may be easier to make this case than to prove ballot fraud and it is a much larger case of fraud, because most of the nation has been deceived.

Obama Provides Cell Phones to His Civilian National Defense Force

Obama is distributing phones to millions of welfare recipients. At the same time, he is taking away cell phones from many lower-level Government workers, some of whom may need to react in some way in an emergency.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) was recently changed so that Obama can send messages directly (See video below). Previously, the messages originated only at the state and local level, not from the White House. At the same time, the capability is being expanded to include messaging to cell phones.

The Federal Government has had a “Lifeline” Program since 1985 that helped low-income households have a land-line telephone.

Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers

If they have a telephone at home on a land-line, a cell phone is a luxury for the unemployed. But it is necessary, if Obama needs to communicate directly with masses of low-income people in real-time.

For what purpose? Even during the Cold War, when the threat of nuclear attack was imminent, the presidents did not feel the need to communicate directly via the EAS. It seems that Obama does not trust the state and local authorities to send out his messages during a time of crisis.

The description of how Obama will be able to send text messages to mobile phones is towards the end of this clip.


Benghazi – False-Flag Operation gone Bad?

Hitler faked an attack by polish soldiers as an excuse for invading Poland and ultimately invading the rest of Eastern Europe and ultimately the Soviet Union. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was used as an excuse for the start of the Vietnam war.

The Benghazi attack appears to have been intended to be a similar incident that would serve as an excuse to send American troops into North Africa and boost Obama in the polls just before the election. There is already an impeachment resolution in the house meant to prevent Obama from invading Syria. Obama needs a good excuse to intervene with ground forces in North Africa.

Ambassador Steven would have been kidnapped, not killed and taken away somewhere in Northern Africa. This would serve as an excuse for Obama to send in ground forces without being impeached, because an attack on an Ambassador is equivalent to an attack on America, itself. A new war would also serve to bleed America even more dry than it is now.

The plan was derailed by two seals, who prevented Ambassador Stevens from being taken quickly or easily. The fight went on for hours. Obama did not want to attack his own allies on the Ground, an Al Qaeda affiliate, who was carrying out the attack. So, the ordered American forces to stand down. The ambassador was eventually captured, but died of smoke inhalation, which completely defeated Obama’s plan.

There has been a centuries old desire for Islam to expand in Africa and Black Nationalists/Pan Africanists have also longed for more than a century to unite Africa. Once begun, the U.S. could expand its role in Africa without limit.

Obama has already had the U.S. military carrying out missions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. It would have just meant expanding this operation on the ground in support of Obama’s terrorist allies, the Muslim Brotherhood, which would be portrayed as the “good” Islamists, whose influence should be expanded into northern Africa and the Middle East, starting in Syria.

To top it off, the whole conflict is blamed on Americans exercising their Freedom of Speech.

Who will survive Obama’s Second Term?

This blogger was one of the first to write that Obama’s agenda is to destroy America. These days it seems like almost everyone is saying it. That just shows how far we have come.

This is the divine goal of Black Liberation Theology, a hateful and perverse pseudo-Christian cult religious doctrine, and it is also the goal of other influences in this life, such as the communism of Frank Marshall Davis. However, because he has a perverse agenda to do it, does not mean he will actually be able to do it.

Come on, folks. America has withstood worse times than this (see the Civil War) and its destruction is a lot easier said than done. Obama and his minions are hardly Supermen, even if they believe it in their own fantasies. Have a little confidence. At the rate Obama is descending, it will not be America, which is destroyed, but Obama in his second term, if he should be re-elected.

The Democrats should be fighting the hardest to put this megalomanic loon out of office, because the collapse of his support in a second term will also expose the deceit and frauds of the leadership of the Democratic Party.

The Republican leadership has also not responded as they should have to Obama’s criminality and malfeasance in office and they will also have their pants pulled down to their ankles in full public view in Obama’s second term.

There is no need to go into the enormous lies and deception of the corporate media that will come to public light.

Fear is used to keep the opposition under control. We need less fear and more confidence that the Obama/Black Messiah lunacy is well on its way to utter collapse. We need people to act on their new-found confidence to help pull down this crumbling monument to stupidity and corruption. Let us do it together to re-affirm the past one more time. Chances like this do not come often. We are honored to have the opportunity to do the right thing and almost certainly without the much more severe sacrifices that those in the past have had to make.

Every cloud has a silver lining and there would actually be benefits to an Obama second term. This is not something so much to be feared, though it will be a hardship for a great many people, but it should also be accepted for the change that it would produce. The current political correctness should be an early casualty.

Of course, he can also be voted out and disgraced, but just saying that a second term is not going to destroy America and it will be more like water torture of the political and media elites that have propped up the Obama regime.

The Benghazi Distraction – Republicans fiddle, while America burns

The real outrage involving Libya was the fact that Obama went to war there illegally and our military carried out missions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. The Obama administration encouraged the uprisings across the Middle East, pulled the rug out from under long-time allies and used the uprisings as an excuse for intervention.

The Secretary of Defense had the gall to tell Congress to their faces that they did not need to respect the constitutional requirement to get their permission, before going to war and the Republicans did nothing.

It is ironic that Republicans are making a big issue out of when Obama knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack, when they completely overlooked his other illegal and traitorous actions in the Middle east. They do not pursue these bigger issues, because they will want to do the same thing in the future.

They do it, because it is a safe issue. They can score some quick political points, but nothing very momentous will come out of it.



Benghazi Attack – Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Motivations

The death of the ambassador Stevens in Libya is on the same level as the kind of naive, new-age believers, who want to commune with gorillas or wild grizzly bears and end up being ripped to pieces or devoured alive by their “friends” in nature.

Obama and Hillary wanted to show that, if you are trusting of the terrorists, they will respond in kind, in a loving and friendly way. They believe that is is the ugly Americans who are the “evil ones” and the terrorists are just defending themselves from American evil.

They sacrificed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans by putting them in a war zone without appropriate protection, just to try to prove their incredibly dumb, politically-correct and anti-American ideas. Then, they lied repeatedly in public and directed others to lie in order to try to cover up their criminal stupidity and make it look like it was the “evil” Americans again who were to blame for the attack by creating the myth that an anti-Muslim film was responsible. Their priority is not protecting American officials, but rather proving that their image of the “evil American” is correct.

Obama and Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for their crimes. It is a crime to fabricate and promote a lie to cover up your own wrongdoing that cost the lives of Government officials and servicemen.