Benghazi Attack – Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Motivations

The death of the ambassador Stevens in Libya is on the same level as the kind of naive, new-age believers, who want to commune with gorillas or wild grizzly bears and end up being ripped to pieces or devoured alive by their “friends” in nature.

Obama and Hillary wanted to show that, if you are trusting of the terrorists, they will respond in kind, in a loving and friendly way. They believe that is is the ugly Americans who are the “evil ones” and the terrorists are just defending themselves from American evil.

They sacrificed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans by putting them in a war zone without appropriate protection, just to try to prove their incredibly dumb, politically-correct and anti-American ideas. Then, they lied repeatedly in public and directed others to lie in order to try to cover up their criminal stupidity and make it look like it was the “evil” Americans again who were to blame for the attack by creating the myth that an anti-Muslim film was responsible. Their priority is not protecting American officials, but rather proving that their image of the “evil American” is correct.

Obama and Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for their crimes. It is a crime to fabricate and promote a lie to cover up your own wrongdoing that cost the lives of Government officials and servicemen.

Hillary Clinton Dry Humps South African Woman on State Visit

Hillary Dry Humps Woman
on Official State Visit
In an unprecedented display of raunchiness for a Secretary of State, a somewhat inebriated Hillary Clinton, does it doggy style to a singer in South Africa, while wearing a shiny blue tunic, modeled after a communist Mao Zedong jacket. Let them party, bump and grind in their Mao jackets. Some day we will end the party and remove all of their ilk from government.

Our politicians obviously have no fear at all what the citizens at home may think. They apparently consider themselves absolute rulers now, immune from fear of the “little people,” who may want them to show some minimal degree of decorum, while on an official state visit, especially to an authoritarian state that violates the rights of it’s own citizens.

One can understand better how Bill Clinton could do the dirty deeds that he did in the White House. Hillary is just as raunchy and corrupt as he is. With this attitude among top government officials, the recent prostitution scandal of the secret service is also more understandable.

When Bill Clinton became president in 1993, the pair had practically no wealth. In 2008, she declared in her filing that their net worth was in the hundreds of millions. Much of this wealth, no doubt came from their party pals in foreign countries.

The South African revolution of the early 1990’s was carried out with much participation by Communists and the current president, Jacob Zuma, of South Africa was formerly a member of the central committee of the Communist Party. That Hillary is wearing a tunic fashioned after a Mao jacket is particularly meaningful and significant in South Africa. She is openly making an obvious non-verbal statement, showing her sympathy for communist revolution.



South Africa is for all practical purposes a one-party state now and several thousand white farmers have been gruesomely murdered there in recent years by racist black nationalists. However, our Secretary of State goes there to booze it up and bump the local women and could care less about the development of dictatorial government or the genocide and ethnic cleansing of white Boers that is taking place there in South Africa. Well, it is not that she ignores such things, but that she is showing that she whole-hardheartedly supports the authoritarian and corrupt South African regime with complete abandon.


This is a short clip on the white genocide in South Africa. The truth is that, after the South Africans are finished with useful idiots like Hillary Clinton, such people would also end up under the machete, if the killers have the chance. These farmers are being murdered and mutilated only because their skin is white.


Americans should understand that in many ways South Africa is the model for Obama’s transformed America. Massive illegal immigration, lawlessness, violence, fear and physical intimidation should sound familiar.

Even a Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg recommended the communism-inspired South African Constitution as a better model for other countries than the American Constitution. Ginsburg should be impeached and removed from office for that public statement in a Egypt, but much of the current government apparently agrees with her.

Below is a longer interview with more detailed information.