Megyn Kelly Promotes Destruction of Constitution on Fox News

The men, who have controlling interest in Fox News are the globalists and business partners, Rupert Murdock and Al-Waleed bin Talal. Rupert Murdock is from a country with a very weak constitution that can be changed easily and Al-Waleed bin Talal is a Saudi Prince, the foremost promoter of Islamic culture and Sharia law in the world. Al Waleed is one of the half dozen wealthiest men in the world.

Bin Talaal’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, supported Obama financially as a student and helped him gain admission to Harvard.

The Constitution limits the power that globalists can exercise over the US. For this reason, Fox News airs this concept of destruction of the Constitution, which is also happens to be one of the primary goals of Obama, Al-Waleed’s protégé.

Megyn Kelly tries to appear, as if she is pro-Constitution, in order to keep the support of her viewers, but this is like giving a Communist a sympathetic interview on national cable TV. It is treason, not just another opinion. She did not seriously argue for the Constitution in this clip or “grill him” as the title of the clip states. She just gave him an opportunity to air his un-American opinion.

It is promoting the idea that the Constitution should be scrapped, which is the only thing protecting us from the dictatorship that the wealthy elites desire, so that they can increase their power and wealth.

Fox News Owner says Illegal Aliens are “Natural Republicans”

Rupert Murdock is a globalist and business partner with Saudi Prince, al-Waleed, bin Talaal, who is the foremost promoter of Muslim culture in the world. Al-Waleed’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, assisted Obama when he was still a student. Khalid al-Mansour is a black nationalist who is rabidly genocidal against whites. Yet, many people still think that Fox News supports American interests.

To derisive laughter, Murdock describes illegal aliens as “natural Republicans” in the clip below. This just shows how anti-American the senile owner of Fox News really is and this filters down to all of the employees at Fox News, who have to please the boss to keep their jobs. Fox News is poisonous sludge that people allow to pour into their living rooms on a nightly basis. It fronts as being pro-American, but that is really a great fraud. Fox News bends the truth or leaves part of it out to suit the agenda of their owners.

Murdock describes those, who would oppose this idea, “a little corner of the Party” and that the worst they would do is that “a few of them would stay home” (and probably turn on Fox News). He says what are the going to do, vote for Obama? They know very well that they have us cornered.

Rupert Murdock has said publicly in the past that if you find your town has become majority Spanish-speaking, then just get used to it. That is the way the world is, today, with globalization.