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Contact Rep. Steve King about Obama’s Eligibility

Call Steve King’s office, today, and tell him that a newspaper ad is not sufficient proof of eligibility for a president of the United States. A thorough, honest and complete congressional investigation of his eligibility needs to be started now, … Continue reading

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Would Liberatarian, Gary Johnson, Change the Game?

Gary Johnson, former 2-term Governor of New Mexico, is expected to be on the ballot on all 50 states. He is fiscally conservative, pro-business and socially liberal, in favor of smaller government, upholding the Constitution, eliminating the IRS, withdrawing from … Continue reading

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Obama Eligibility – The ‘Dogs’ that did not Bark

Let’s connect the dots on eligibility. In the Sherlock Holmes short story, “Silver Blaze,” by Sir Authur Conan Doyle, the critical clue is that the watch dog did not bark when a race horse is stolen. Regarding Obama’s eligibility, about … Continue reading

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Democrats & Republicans Owned by Same Elites

People need to understand that pretty much the same global financial elites control both parties and the reason nothing can be done about Obama’s corruption and trampling of the Constitution is that the Republican leadership is complicit. The elites vote … Continue reading

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Obama / Romney – Presidents Should not Want to be Gods

The Nazis and the Imperial Japanese, both had I-am-God cult religions that taught that the leader is God and the nation had a divine destiny to be transformed into an Utopia, according to their occult/pagan religious belief system. This is … Continue reading

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Obama and Romney – Boiling the American Frog

There is an old saying that in order to boil a live frog you have to turn up the heat slowly. If you turn up the heat too quickly, the frog will jump out to liberty. In recent decades international … Continue reading

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Condoleezza Rice – Top Pick for Vice-President?

I used to respect Condoleezza Rice, but she was instrumental in starting the Freedom Agenda that undermined President Mubarak and began the process that led to the handover of Egypt, Libya and other countries to the Islamo-facist, Muslim Brotherhood. Hitler … Continue reading

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