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Oklahoma Beheader Not Muslim?

Alton Nolen aka Yah’keem Yisrael, the person who allegedly beheaded a coworker in Oklahoma does not appear to be an orthodox Muslim judging from his name and some of his statements on Facebook. His alias, Yah’keem Yisrael, is a name … Continue reading

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Jim Jones Cult & Similarities To The Obama Movement

There are theological similarities between the Jimmy Jones cult and Obama’s Black Liberation Theology. Both are based on self-worship, anti-Christianity and creation of a man-made utopian kingdom on earth. There is also a connection between Jim Jones and Frank Marshall … Continue reading

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Megalomaniac in the White House?

Imagine the US had a megalomanic president, who was raised from childhood by his occult-believing mother and a mentor (such as maybe Frank Marshall Davis) to think that he had a special, mystical destiny to transform the world and who … Continue reading

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Who will survive Obama’s Second Term?

This blogger was one of the first to write that Obama’s agenda is to destroy America. These days it seems like almost everyone is saying it. That just shows how far we have come. This is the divine goal of … Continue reading

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Presbyterian (USA) Church allows ‘Pussy Worship’

Worship of body parts, especially reproductive organs, has long been a tradition of occult/pagan religions. Now, it is allowed by one branch of the Presbyterian (USA) church, which allows the womb to be part of the definition of the Holy … Continue reading

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