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Two Police Shot, One Killed, By Chicano In San Diego

A policeman was murdered and another seriously wounded by a Chicano in a Mexican-American neighborhood in San Diego during the night of July 28th. You can read the details elsewhere, see this link. San Diego police officer killed on duty; … Continue reading

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Black Nationalist End Times – Race War And Anarchy

Black nationalism in America includes a now widespread, cult religious doctrine that has existed since the Civil War and has roots as old as slavery in the Americas. The basic concept is that the white man is the ultimate evil … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Beheader Not Muslim?

Alton Nolen aka Yah’keem Yisrael, the person who allegedly beheaded a coworker in Oklahoma does not appear to be an orthodox Muslim judging from his name and some of his statements on Facebook. His alias, Yah’keem Yisrael, is a name … Continue reading

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President Obama: Alleged Donald Sterling remarks ‘incredibly offensive’

It is extremely hypocritical for Obama to brand others as “racist,” when he un-apologetically attended a church with a racist, anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine for 20 years. Black Liberation Theology equates white society to the Antichrist and teaches that the … Continue reading

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Jim Jones Cult & Similarities To The Obama Movement

There are theological similarities between the Jimmy Jones cult and Obama’s Black Liberation Theology. Both are based on self-worship, anti-Christianity and creation of a man-made utopian kingdom on earth. There is also a connection between Jim Jones and Frank Marshall … Continue reading

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Community Organizing – Alinsky and Anarchism

The video below is a pretty good discussion of what basic Alinsky-organizing is about. It’s about anarchism, getting things for disadvantaged people in order to gain personal power and ultimately destroying the old system to be replaced by something new. … Continue reading

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Who will survive Obama’s Second Term?

This blogger was one of the first to write that Obama’s agenda is to destroy America. These days it seems like almost everyone is saying it. That just shows how far we have come. This is the divine goal of … Continue reading

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Make Obama and Romney really Duke it Out

We have a miserable choice between Obama and Romney. There are things about both of them that their parties want to keep hidden. The way to get them to fight harder is to withhold support, until the end. The Republicans … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama to Adolf Hitler

Rush compared Obama to Adolf Hitler in the way he makes propaganda. Hitler is a useful icon. When you invoke Hitler in a comparison everyone knows what you mean, but a more accurate comparison would be to David Duke the … Continue reading

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Fox News Owner says Illegal Aliens are “Natural Republicans”

Rupert Murdock is a globalist and business partner with Saudi Prince, al-Waleed, bin Talaal, who is the foremost promoter of Muslim culture in the world. Al-Waleed’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, assisted Obama when he was still a student. Khalid al-Mansour … Continue reading

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