Boycott the Missouri State Fair

Obama Clown at Missouri State Fair
Obama Clown at Missouri State Fair
This is a call for a boycott of the Missouri State Fair, if they don’t lift the life-time ban on this clown, who was just performing a harmless comedy skit. Why should he be punished and not the clown in the White House, who has committed infinitely more serious offenses? The Fair runs until August 18th. So, a boycott can still do serious damage. Please share this message widely, whether you live in Missouri or not.

Note: Since the Missouri State Fair Commission is a political commission, whose members are appointed by the Governor, it would seem blatantly unconstitutional for the Commission to censor the acts at the Fair, based on politics, and to punish this man harshly for his political expression. It may well be possible for the Clown to sue the fair commission for their violation of his civil rights as well as emotional distress and damage to his reputation. Hopefully, he will consult a competent attorney and put a stop to these vicious attacks from politicians.

Missouri State Fair bans rodeo clown who mocked Obama

This man is like a court jester and should be allowed to do his political skit, criticizing King Obama. Mockery of the powerful by clowns is a time-honored tradition, permitted for hundreds of years throughout the Middle Ages, just not today in Obama’s tyrannical America. This skit is very much in accordance with the best traditions of American cowboy rodeo clowns and should be preserved, protected and treasured, not punished. He is being punished only because he exposed Obama and his followers as intolerant tyrants.

His skit was right on target and that is why they are coming after him more blindly enraged than the bulls he dodges in the arena. A cowboy clown’s job is to taunt dumb brutes and this clown did an excellent job. He certainly drew their attention. This clown should be celebrated. Give him a big hand! Stand up for him and defend him. His little skit is a valuable lesson in American democratic traditions and exercise of our priceless constitutional rights. Those, who want to crucify him for a harmless skit, have no respect for our rights.

Stay away from the Fair until they lift the ban! Stand up for this guy, who is just an average Joe, American citizen, and did nothing wrong. Call or e-mail the Fair and (respectfully) complain. The people, who answer the phone, may well feel the same as you do.

Obama has done so much to take away our freedoms. We should at least still have the freedom to do a harmless comedy skit, without being severely punished for mocking the Dear Leader, as if we were in a communist country already. Let them know that we have had enough of the foolish political correctness. Stop allowing them to control every aspect of your life, even what you can say and think. Mocking King Obama is not yet a crime! Shame on the Fair Commission, shame on the state Government and shame on those who try to punish this common cowboy, merely for exercising his rights.

Here is contact info for the Fair. Flood them with (polite) phone calls and e-mails and let them see some empty bleachers at the next rodeo. Remember the person, who answers the phone is likely to support the cowboy clown, also, whether they can say so, or not.


Missouri residents: 800-422-FAIR (3247) Out of State: 660-530-5600.

Switchboard: 660-530-5600
Business Office: 660-530-5605
Marketing and Publicity Office: 660-530-5609
General Fax: 660-827-8160
Business Office Fax (Contest Entry Forms): 660-827-8169
Marketing and Publicity Office Fax: 660-530-5662


Missouri State Fair
2503 W. 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301


Director: Mark Wolfe

13 thoughts on “Boycott the Missouri State Fair”

  1. I live in Missouri and this is embarrassing, where is this man’s 1st Amendment rights? There have been masks of George Bush in the past at the fair but somehow those are ok? Tyranny always starts small.

    1. This is a relatively small thing, but the tyrants this cowboy clown targeted are already big tyrants. That’s exactly what got him in trouble.

  2. I run a show string of cattle, have always enjoyed the MO State Fair. But from this point forward will not be attending, for the simple reason that it is time to face up to these people. It is time to make a stand, livestock producers and agriculture built the MO State Fair and to think that the fair board would label those attending as racist based on a comedy scene that you could see on SNL or other late night comedy is self serving PR motive. To phrase Johnny Paycheck only changing the song a bit “Take this fair and shove it”.

  3. Don’t stop there! Call the Missouri tourist assoc. ( no more Branson etc..) call the sponsors Pepsi, Budweiser, Ford etc…

  4. The PC on this is bull***t and the director, Mark Wolfe should be the one fired for not putting a stop to this non-sense! How dare any state anywhere doing anything especially on tradition cave to the government ON anything!! What the hells the matter with you people?! Are you really scared more of the President than the people of the US? Really? I hope this boycott works so you can see which is truly more powerful. The people,,, not the Whitehouse and the jack-offs running it.
    You people running the state fair better back peddle real soon on what you did and stand up to this crap. We planned to go to the fair this weekend but you can kiss my a**. I wont be their ever again and you better hope by next year you’ve announced that guy has been welcomed back with a huge raise and announced a celebrity or I and many more will never attend your PC show again.
    That’s right, we here in Kansas City have dubbed you the PC show, Not the Missouri State Fair. Lets get that changed back shall we?

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