Boycott Fox News – Tea Party Boycott

Murdoch embraces Fox Boss,
Saudi Prince Al-Waleed

A big problem regarding Obama’s Natural Born Citizen eligibility issue is that the corporate media, even the conservative media, like Fox News, is not reporting the facts about it, but practically ignoring the whole thing. For this reason, few people are hearing much about it. The issue needs broad public support to go forward and be successful. However, the corrupt liberal and conservative media is trying to squelch any news of these trial proceedings.

This is a call by two FaceBooK groups with about 15K members to boycott Fox News, until they stop lying and report the truth about the Constitutional requirement for presidents to be a Natural Born Citizen and regularly covering the court proceedings that have the goal of having Obama thrown off the ballot in all 50 states. The sponsoring groups are Boycott Oprah and Impeach Obama Tea Party.

Fox News is not just controlled by their corporate sponsors, but a Saudi Prince is co-owner, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who is one of the half-dozen wealthiest men in the world and also one of the biggest promoters of Islamic culture and Sharia Law in the world.

Fox Owner, Rupert Murdoch, was saved from a hostile takeover several years ago by Prince Al-Waleed. Though his holding is small in percentage terms, he wields great influence at Fox News, due to his enormous wealth and backing by the Saudi dictatorship. Al-Waleed’s American adviser also reportedly assisted Obama, when he was a student.

Saudis Own Obama and Fox News

The point is that the definition for the term Natural Born Citizen has been defined in US legislation and case law. To qualify as a Natural Born Citizen both parents have to be citizens by American law. Obama does not qualify and is therefore not a legal president. Both parties want to re-write this part of the Constitution according to their whim, without an amendment, which they know would be impossible to obtain. For more details see the link below.

U.S. Supreme Court Has Ruled on Obama’s Eligibility!!

The Republicans also have several candidates, who potentially have similar eligibility requirements, such as Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio. Neither Romney nor Santorum have provided documentation of their eligibility. Both had fathers that were born in other countries and both of Rubio’s parents were Cuban citizens, when he was born. That is another reason that many conservative groups are silent on the issue.

Throw Obama off the Ballot – List of Legal Foundations

This is an interview of one of the Attorneys, Van Irion, of Liberty Legal Foundation, who is bringing some of the legal actions:

5 Responses to Boycott Fox News – Tea Party Boycott

  1. kemny says:

    Why did it take so long for Obama to produce a birth certificate. If it were legal shouldn’t been any delay

    • Roger says:

      He’s an agitator and a provocateur. He wants to agitate his opponents and get them all worked up. If you want the birth certificate, he will deny it, just to spin you up. When he finally does give it to you, he makes it look like it’s been tampered with, again to make you crazy, so he can make you look like loons. Don’t take anything that comes from him at face value. He tries to set you up, at least that’s my opinion. If he were a person of good will, he would take care of people’s concerns as you suggest, but he is not of good will, but rather a malicious son of a bitch.

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