The Surprising History of Black/White Supremacist Cooperation

George Lincoln Rockwell, Founder of
American Nazi Party at NOI meeting (1961)

These are a couple of excerpts that provide an overview of the historic cooperation between white religious nationalists (white Nazis) and black religious nationalists, what may be considered to be “black Nazis.” The book is “The Cultic Milieu,” edited by Jeffrey Kaplan and Helene Loow. It is a collection of academic articles on occult movements and the excerpts are from the article “Black and White Unite in Fight?” by Mattias Gardell. Gardell also authored another book, In the Name of Elijah Muhammad, which has similar information in it with more detail.

The second excerpt summarizes the beliefs of the Nation of Islam and points out the the so-called “Christian” theology of black liberation was inspired by the theology of the Nation of Islam and are based on black racialism. Nazi-like in its racialist concept, Black Liberation Theology is the doctrine of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. When you read and analyze the books by James H. Cone, the founder, it is evident that Black Liberation Theology teaches the same fundamental beliefs as the theology of the Nation of Islam.


When looked at from a cursory perspective, the unholy connection between black and white racialists seems utterly bizarre. Why are organizations that preach doctrines as incompatible as black and white supremacy, and that, like Christian Identity and the Nation of Islam, both reserve for themselves the racially exclusive claim of being God’s Chosen Nation, able to forge links of cooperation and mutually respectful understanding? Unlikely as it might seem, this kind of linkage goes back in American history to the cooperation between white slave owners and black separatist freemen in the early days of the repatriation efforts that laid the ground for the establishment of the republic of Liberia.

The common ground was later laid forth by Marcus Garvey, the father of populist black nationalism, who said that he “believed in a pure black race, just as all self-respecting whites believe in a pure white race.” Garvey argued that all whites shared the perspective of white supremacy, but differed in the methods used to make its hegemony permanent. White liberals, unionists or communists pretended to be friends of the black man to divert his attention from the race struggle to “the impossible dream of equality that shall never materialize.” The greatest enemy of the African American are those whites who “hypocritically profess love” for the black man while “in reality they despise and hate him.” Garvey regarded the Klansman as a far better friend of the black man than any pseudo-philanthropist, because “potentially, every white man is a Klansman as far as the Negro in competition with whites socially, economically, and politically is concerned, and there is no use lying about it.”

This line of reasoning was adopted and accentuated by the Nation of Islam in the theory of the genetic evil of all whites, reducing the difference between white racists and professed anti-racists to a distinction between the devil’s strategy to get his prey: the people of color. In the NOI terminology the dual categories of devils are termed “wolves” and “foxes,” and like Garvey, leading NOI spokesperson Malcolm X undoubtedly preferred the former. He stated that “white conservatives aren’t the black man’s friends, but at least they don’t try to hide it. Like wolves they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the black man aware of where he stands with them. White liberals are foxes who also show their teeth but pretend that they are smiling’ white liberals are more dangerous . . . and as the black man runs from the growling wolf he flees into the open jaws of the smiling fox.”

A series of open and covert relations developed between the Nation of Islam and various leagues of wolves. NOI spokespersons like Jeremiah X participated in Klan rallies and Imperial Wizard Robert Shelton publicly praised the Nation. In 1962 American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell was invited to address the NOI convention, and flanked by ten Stormtroopers he praised then-leader Elijah Muhammad for being to his people what Hitler was for white people. Led by Malcolm X, an NOI delegation conducted a series of secret meetings with the Klan for the purpose of developing a joint action program for racial separation. The two once-leading Klans, the invisible Empire and the Knights of the KKK, routinely informed the Nation of its public rallies so it could keep its members from participating in potential anti-demonstrations. The Nation sought and found Klan support when it bought farmland in the deep South, keeping white racist resistance lo black-owned farmland to a minimum.

These kinds of occasional contacts continued after the shift of NOI leadership to Louis Farrakhan. During the 1980s, an intricate web of contacts was woven between the Nation of Islam and various white radical racialist organizations and spokespersons in the United States and Europe’ The white nationalist organizations that appear most wholeheartedly in favor of Minister Farrakhan seem to be of the Third Positionist camp, where the Nation quite correctly is embraced as an ideology akin to its own. The “Third Position” is in short a leftist National Socialist ideology, emphasizing both race and class’ Its roots are in the left wing of early Italian fascism and the leftist National Socialism of the German brothers Greger and Otto Strasser. The Strasser brothers’ advocated a kind of national bolshevism, founded on class struggle, back-to-nature ideals and völkish national romanticism, and criticized Hitler for his increasingly more far-right position. Well-read Third Positionists usually condemn Hitler for betraying National Socialism when he purged the Strasser brothers from the German NSDAP (the German acronym for the “National German Socialist Workers Party.”

Third Positionists can be found as a more or less suppressed faction among members of more conventional National Socialist groups or in separate organizations. In Rockwell’s American Nazi Party (ANP), Arizona organizer Elton Hall in vain tried to move the ANP toward a more class-based white worker direction and to get it engaged in union organizing. One of the most successful organization, with a Third Position orientation in the United States is the California-based White Aryan Resistance (WAR), led by Tom Metzger. Appealing to “white workers” fearing “direct competition with millions of new non-white arrivals” and unemployment as “the super-rich dismantle the industries and move to all areas of the non-white world,” where they may “treat workers in a near slave-like” manner as they once did with “white workers in this country,” Metzger declared the need for racial class war. Gravitating toward the far right through the John Birch Society and the tax protest movement of the 1960s and 1970s, Metzger founded Identity.

As an ordained Identity minister, Metzger worked with William Potter Gale, Bertrand Comparet and James K. Warner. Through Warner he met David Duke and became active in his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, before establishing his own Klan organization in California after a personal falling out with Duke in 1980, Metzger won the Democratic Party’s nomination for a congressional seat and, although he lost in the general election, began to receive high name recognition as a racial activist propagating “the rights of white workers.” After leaving both the Klan and Identity behind, Metzger established WAR in the early 1980s, hoping in vain to recruit a majority of the tens of thousands of Californians who had voted for him.

Religiously, WAR adopts the slogan “our race is our religion” and says it refuses to “let religious theories . . . interfere with Aryan survival and advancement.” From the start, WAR declared that it would ally itself with “any individual or group that makes a positive contribution toward racial separatism,” including black nationalists. Already as a Klan leader, Metzger occasionally contacted the black Muslims when needed. These contacts were mainly to avoid confrontations, such as an incident in the 1970s when a black worker had been shot. Word in the black community blamed Metzger’s Klan and, knowing that his Klan was not involved, he phoned the Muslims, who were preparing for action, asking them to call off the heat until the murder’s identity was known. A more intimate relationship developed following the establishment of WAR and was to peak in 1985. In that year, Metzger was invited to an NOI rally for black economic empowerment at the Forum in Los Angeles. Donating one hundred dollars as a symbol of support, Metzger was quite impressed with what he saw. The same year’, he flew to Virginia for a meeting with Alim Muhammad, Minister of the NOI Mosque in Washington, D.C., to discuss the possibilities for a closer cooperation. They agreed to meet again in Chicago and Alim indicated the possibility of Metzger addressing the NOI convention of that year.

While discussing what common ground they might work out, Metzger offered the Muslims a business deal. Metzger had a friend who was very close to ousted Liberian President Layman. Through the former president, who aspired for a comeback, there was a chance for taking over an oil-producing company, and Metzger suggested a joint WAR/NOI venture. While the American racialists worked out the details, Farrakhan was touring in West Africa when a coup attempt against the Liberian regime was exposed. Apparently, Metzger says, the former president had involved South Africans and four white American Nazis in the conspiracy. Farrakhan got cold feet, maybe suspecting that Metzger had more than oil on his agenda. The deal never materialized and Metzger says that their relationship never really got serious after this incident. More resembling the level of the 1970s, it is confined to an exchange of information and occasional supportive articles in Metzger’s paper.

Metzger continues to work with other black separatist groups, such as the Black Panthers and the Pan-African Internationalist Movement. In the early 1990s, Metzger was invited as key guest speaker to address the Black Panther convention in Austin, Texas, and claims to have received a standing ovation. Asked what common ground he finds with black nationalists, Metzger says that “we’re separatists and we’re straight out with it, and we simply say, ‘let’s make a deal. There’s gonna be a fight in this country and that’s either gonna be a winner*takes-all situation, which is gonna be really bloody, or there may be that we could make a deal on territory.”‘ Metzger thus advocates a division of the country in monoracial states, but abstains from explaining how it can become a reality. In the meantime, the groups allegedly have “decided on separate spheres of influence,” in the form of a treaty of non-interference in each others communities. Allegedly, black nationalists have agreed to stay out from white working-class areas and Metzger should keep his men out of black neighborhoods. After the Los Angeles uprising of 1992, Metzger again reached out for an agreement, saying that his men will support a black uprising “as long as you wanna attack the government buildings, you wanna attack the Beverly Hills or rich areas Just don’t come in to the white working-class community, because then we would have a problem.” Metzger says that they made an agreement, “but the question is how much control they really have when things

Farrakhan Declares Whites are Literally Devils

To compare the tenet beliefs of the Nation of Islam to those of Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Chirst, go to this link:

Shocking Quotes from Black Liberation Theology


The Nation of Islam (NOI), often referred to as the Black Muslims, originated among southern migrants in the rapidly expanding inner-city areas of the industrial North. Founded during the Great Depression by a mysterious prophet later identified as God in Person, it was led by the Last Messenger of God, Elijah Muhammad until 1975. He was succeeded by his son Imam Warithuddin Muhammad, who initiated a rapid transformation process aimed at merging the movement with mainstream Sunni Islam. This period is known as the “Fall of the Nation” among the followers of Minister Louis Farrakhan, who heads by far the most successful of the various “resurrected” Nations that operates in black America. A former night club entertainer, Farrakhan is the epitome of black preacher artistry, who with inflammatory rhetorical skill has succeeded in making the Nation the center of radical black racialist aspirations. Under his leadership, the Nation of Islam today enjoys a popularity unsurpassed in its history, and black militant Islam has become an integral part of a contemporary black youth culture with its message rhythmically pumped out through popular hip hop stars. Though constantly controversial, Farrakhan has made a remarkable breakthrough in national politics after leading the greatest demonstration in U.S. history in the Million Man March of 1995.

Being one of the first comprehensive black theologies in the United States, the Nation interprets Islam through the perspective given by the African American experience in a way so distinct that many mainstream Muslims refuse to accept it as Islamic. This claim derives from a notion of Islam as one, eternal, unchangeable entity shared by many Islamists and Islamologists alike, but its validity may be seriously questioned. Deconstructed and studied in its multiple forms in various social contexts, we find that the meaning of “Islam” varies considerably in time and place and can at best be understood as an umbrella concept, bringing together a wide variety of different histories. The creed of the Nation may depart considerably from legalistic Sunni Islam, but it does share fundamental ideas with Sufism and Shi’i Islam, especially with its Ismailiyya tradition. As it is impossible to do justice to its theological complexities in this limited space, a grossly simplified outline will be offered with a special emphasis on its political applications.

The Nation teaches that the black man is not an inferior creature whose future is necessarily as a welfare recipient in the black urban ghettos, but the Original Man, in himself a locus of all the divine creative powers. Blacks are “gods of the universe.” In the Beginning of Time, a first emanation of divine intelligence took the form of Primordial Man, who took the color from the black space out of which he emerged. The divine energy and creative powers can only manifest in man, and a succession of Man-Gods took charge in creating the world as we know it. In the original divine civilization, the black Man-God mastered all disciplines from mathematics to architecture, symbolized by the pyramids that were placed as a sign of this magnificent past, in itself containing parts of the keys to unlock the secrets of the universe. What is in the Bible described as the Fall of Adam represents an event of cosmic significance at which mankind fell into its present beast-like state. “God in His fallen state is man, and man in his exalted state is God.

The black gods “died” mentally, a metaphor used to describe the black man’s unawareness of his true identity. World supremacy was given over to a white race of evil, grafted through a process of gene manipulation out of the black man. In essence, the white man is the abstracted and concentrated potential for evil that was present in the first black man, as all creation is composed of the negative and the positive. Ruled by his inner negative side, manifest as the blond, blue-eyed devil, the black man was to suffer in his effort to learn how to master the Quranic imperative “enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. The true secrets of the universe were concealed to a closed circle of divine Gnostic sages, “the hidden imams” of Shi’i Islam, or the “four and twenty elders” of Christianity, and was not to be revealed until the cycle of confusion ends and the cycle of unveilment commences. Reconnecting with the roots implies embarking on a black path of gnosis, and as knowledge of Self equals knowledge of God, the spiritual journey ultimately guides the black man and woman back into the exalted state of divinity defined as the reason d’être of mankind. This is symbolized in the concept of “I.s.l.a.m.,” which if one breaks it down stands for I-Self-Lord-Am-Master.

The reign of the devil explains the phenomena of colonialism, slavery, racism, economic hardship and oppression that blacks have experienced in recent history. The white devil was commanded by God to subdue the world and establish his supremacy in fulfillment of Revelations 6:8: “And behold a pale horse; and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” A pale horse rode into Africa, America, Asia and Australia, Farrakhan exclaimed, and “wherever you Caucasians went you brought Death to the people. Wherever you went you brought Hell to the people. ” But, as Revelations also informs us, there will be an end to the righteous’ suffering. The white devil was to rule for 6,000 years, and that era is now rushing to its end. The countdown to Armageddon started in 1555 when a white devil named John Hawkins arrived at the shores of Africa on-board the slave ship Jesus to capture the black tribe of Shabazz, and bring them as slaves to the “wilderness of North America.” With this, God’s words to Imam Shabazz (known biblically as Abraham) in Genesis 15:13-14 came true: “Thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and they shall serve them; and they shall afflict them for four hundred years, and also that nation, whom they will serve, will I judge.” The fulfillment is stressed by the Nation as irrefutable evidence that identifies blacks as the principal actors of the Scriptures, reducing to impostors any other nation with claims to be the Chosen People. In effect, slavery brought the original man as a Trojan horse into the fortress of evil, giving the African American a key role in the approaching apocalypse.

Close to the expiration of the 400 years, a self-fulfilled God and member of the Gnostic circle named Master Farad Muhammad came to Detroit on the 4th of July 1930. He was raised as a poorly educated son of a Georgia share cropper to become His Messenger, and then departed to the abode from which God supervises the destiny of mankind. Elijah Muhammad spread the gospel and embarked on the black path of divinity until he was elevated into a black Messiah and taken to God. Elijah the Messiah entrusted Minister Farrakhan to guide the lost-found Nation of Islam through the turbulent times to come and will immanently return to judge the wicked as the sun sets over the devil’s world.

Far from being an escapist movement, passively awaiting God’s intervention, the Nation is a religion of practice that teaches blacks to use their inherent divine powers to create their own destiny. Most significant for our purpose is to outline the way Islam was used as a marker for the black nation. Sharply criticizing the black Church, which at that time had gone from its earlier activist position to become largely politically quietist and other-worldly, Elijah Muhammad taught that Islam was the aboriginal religion of the black man. Christianity was said to be a slave religion, a pie-in-the-sky philosophy that taught the blacks to turn the other cheek to oppression and set all hopes for a dead white man nailed on a cross to give them compensation beyond the grave. Islam restored black self-respect, and in its demand for social justice turned into a creed of black empowerment. Inspired by black Islamic theology as preached by Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, black Christians in the late 1960s began developing a black theology of liberation, reasserting the activist standpoint of the early church. Today, Black Nationalist Christianity (blogger’s note: such as Obama’s own Trinity Church) and Islam cooperate freely, with black as a theological concept bridging the man-made borders of different creeds.

The black-man-is-god concept can be seen on a psychological level as an extreme version of a very American positive thinking, destined to break the mental chains of inferiority by which the black man is said to be chained at the bottom ladder of society. The Nation urges the black man to stop whining over injustice past and present. Nothing good can be expected from the devil. The government of the United States is one of the most powerful on earth and would have solved all its domestic problems long time ago had it been genuinely interested. The United States is equated with Babylon and any demand for assimilation with the foul spirits in the city of evil at its brink of destruction is an insane suicidal policy.

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