Anti-Obama Sky-Billboard Designs

Pick the design you like best and vote below. The plan is to fly a 24×24 ft banner over San Diego during rush hour and over crowded beaches on hot days. It will be flown in other cities, as well, if we can raise the money. Here are three designs that could be used for the anti-Obama billboard. To contribute to this effort, go to the link below.

Contingency Fund – Impeach Obama Sky-Banners

The ad provider said to leave off any text, because we can trail a banner behind the billboard, as shown in the last image below for a pro-Obama billboard that someone else did.

The final design that we use will probably have a yellow background, to improve the contrast. Black on yellow is one of the highest color contrasts that can be used. White probably won’t stand out as well with the sky as the background.

The skull and crossbones can imply “danger”, “poison”, “pirate”, “death”, “evil” or even “satanic”. It means “cool” to some kids, these days, but we can always add a message with a trailer that makes the intent clear, such as maybe “STOP DESTROYING AMERICA!“.

Skull and Crossbones over Obama Logo

The second design is the Obama symbol crossed out. The thought was that the cross may be more visible in the sky a couple miles away, than the more common NOBAMA symbol.

Crossed Out Obama Logo

The third choice is the popular NOBAMA symbol. The circle and slash are colored black, because black would be more visible from a long distance for a banner in the sky than a red slash.


Vote for the design that you like best. This vote will not be binding, but just to get your opinion, so it can be factored in. You can also e-mail me comments or write them in the comments section below.

This is the pro-Obama billboard with a trailing banner, just as an example. We can always trail a banner and change the message any time we want.

Example – Pro-Obama Billboard with Trailer Banner

We have flown four anti-Obama protest banners so far. This is the latest one, flown at the “Rally for Religious Freedom.” This new, 24-ft high “billboard” would just be a lot larger than the normal 5-7 foot pre-fab letters that the pilots normally use for banners and would be recognizable at much greater distances, about 3-4 times as far as the normal banners. The symbol on the billboard will be visible and recognizable out to a distance of about 2 miles.

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