Calls for Impeachment of Obama

For contact info to support the new Resolution introduced by Rep Walter Jones to impeach Obama, click here.

A list of articles, webpages and clips calling for the Impeachment of Obama will be maintained on this page. Check back for future updates.

See this link for an overview of the rationale behind the attempt to remove him from the ballot in November:

Obama’s Great Eligibility Fraud

1st call for impeachment by member of Congress (Trent Franks)

“It’s time to impeach Obama for high crimes against U.S.” by Joe Kovac of World Net Daily

“Obama Must be Impeached: He’s Either Incompetent, or Purposely Failing” by the Canada Free Press

“President’s socialist takeover must be stopped” by Jeffery T. Kuhner of the Washington Times

The Case for Impeachment by Thomas Tancredo for The Washington Times


Tammy Bruce, a national talk show host says that Obama’s attempted destabilization of Egypt is an impeachable offense.

Michael Savage, to his credit, was the first to openly call for Obama’s impeachment. This is from his radio talk show of February 4th, 2009.

Tom Tancredo calls for the impeachment of Obama in this interview by ditzy Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Fox news is partly own by a Saudi Prince, whose adviser reportedly helped and groomed Obama during his student years. Kelly calls impeachment “ridiculous,” but they discourage talk of impeachment, possibly due to the influence of their Saudi owner.

General Vallely calls for impeachment of Obama.

5 thoughts on “Calls for Impeachment of Obama”

  1. I’ll continue to pray for President Obama and VP Bidon, however, for the safety of America (and Israel too) Obama must be impeached before God’s hands are completely prevented from pouring out His blessings on this nation and His Holy Judgment is falling upon us abundantly instead. Not only that, but why can’t people see how he is slowly destroying our Constitution by not upholding it completely?

    Impeach Obama and Impeach Him now!!!

  2. I am so confused regarding what it is the AMERICAN people do not understand . This president has invaded our freedom of speech, freedom of choice, now freedom of religion.
    So, what is it you do not get? implode? do you understand that word?

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