Why Americans appease Obama Thug Regime

Why do most Americans not recognize the obvious malicious intentions of the Obama regime and react in strong opposition to them? There is an instinctive urge in most people to appease thugs and the Obama regime does depend on thuggery to intimidate people, either via social condemnation or perceived physical intimidation.

This is an allegorical play about the rise of the Nazis that is still relevant today. Max Frisch wrote a play about the rise of Nazism or Satanism. Nazism can be considered to be form of Satanism of Luciferianism, that is the exaltation of man and the state. The black-nationalist doctrine of Obama’s Trinity Church in Chicago is also about the exaltation of the black race and demonization of the white race.

If many people speak out, there is no risk to anyone. Even if an individual speaks out, there is little risk. Fear has been subtly cultivated in the public. It is a Wizard-of-Oz situation. Behind the intimidating, boom voice there is a little old man pulling the levers. There is much more reason for the Government to fear an aroused public than the reverse.

For more information visit these pages:
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