Obama’s Plans for African Conquest

It has been reported that high food and fuel prices contributed to the uprising in Egypt und Tunisia. The British foreign secretary predicted that such uprisings would spread to sub-Saharan Africa as well. Obama may want to keep oil prices high, not just to strangle the American economy, but to promote Islamic and Black Nationalist revolution throughout Africa. With the recent use of bio-fuels the price of fuel and some grains are connected. When the price of petroleum goes up, the price of food follows. This creates unrest in African and Middle Eastern countries.

Food prices key to Egypt’s revolt

Sub-Saharan Africa is not Egypt, William Hague

Farrakhan has split in public with Obama over his bombing of Libya, but Farrakhan has good friends in Africa, such as Robert Mugabe, the genocidal dictator of Zimbabwe, whom it will make uneasy that Obama is overthrowing such dictators in favor of Islamists. Farrakhan’s protestations may be just theater for public consumption.

Even while Obama was still a senator, he illegally campaigned for a pro-Islamic regime in Kenya in opposition to the traditionally pro-western party.

It has been a religious goal for at least a century of black nationalists to “liberate” and unite the African fatherland. It appears that Obama has Islamic uprisings in mind, combined with high food/oil prices, as tools for accomplishing that objective. The people will be starved until they rise up.

The Black Nationalist movement in America and Islamists have had significant ties for 100 years. Elijah Muhammad also taught that Islam is the “natural religion” of blacks, whether they practice it or not. Muhammad said that blacks are “born Muslims.” Obama’s church is a black-nationalist offshoot of Muhammad’s Nation of Islam. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s self-described spiritual guide, is a former black Muslim, who no doubt taught Obama the old black nationalist accretionary principle that he is foremost a Muslim by birth, no matter what other religions he takes on later in life. This is an unorthodox concept for Islam, but is probably a large part of the reason, together with his Islamic family background, that Obama so passionately identifies with Islam.

Look for Obama to start more pro-Islamic, black nationalist wars in Africa in the near future, directly or indirectly via high food and fuel prices. Congress should cut off all funding for this Obama’s black nationalist/Islamic military adventures in Libya. Bio-fuel subsidies and statutory requirements that it be used by consumers should also be ended.

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