Why Does The Migrant Caravan Use The Star Of David?

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Caravan Star of David
The new Jews? The Star of David is the symbol of God’s chosen people. It has been displayed in the vehicles and in the banners of the migrant caravan. It is not just the traditional Jews that use this emblem, but other religious sects as well, who identify as the real Jews or the lost tribes of Israel. The concept has been the basis of many supremacist cults.

Religious belief has always been historically the most powerful motivators of mass movements and the caravanners should be closely examined for any similar manic, cult-like religious or quasi religious belief that may drive them.

This post is in progress and will be updated and corrected from time to time.

Caravan banner at encampment in Tijuana

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is the name of the principle nonprofit organizing and funding the Caravan. Pueblo can mean “town”, but is also has…

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