Jury Rigged in Cop-Beating Trial in San Diego?

Patriot Fire 🔥

It appears that the jury may have been rigged in favor of the defendant in this cop-beating case. Even one determined person can hang a jury or sway a divided jury towards a not-guilty verdict and at least one openly biased person was allowed on this jury.

A leftist, Chicano political operative and activist was allowed to be seated on the jury. This person works for a certain progressive Democratic senator as a field agent. He said that he also works frequently with a far-left activist in San Diego, named “Mark Lane”, who is expected to be a witness in the trial. The activist juror is the former president of a Chicano (Democratic) political group.

This trial of Frederick Jefferson who punched a San Diego policeman several times in the face, seriously injuring him, started on July 25, 2018 in downtown San Diego. The subject crimes took place at an…

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