Meet The Fake Hate Crime “Victim” in San Diego Deplorable Case

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A week before the election three San Diego men were arrested and charged with a “hate crime.” They made the mistake of getting into a minor scuffle with the son of a member of San Diego’s new Somali Muslim refugee elite. It has been reported that the son of a leader of the Somali refugee community was the “victim.”

Trump Supporters Charged With Hate Crime By Somalian Refugee in San Diego


This is a video of Ahmed Sahid, the main leader of the Somali refugees receiving a reward from San Diego Civic leaders. He apparently has a son, who is named Mustafa Sahid. I believe Mustafa is the one who filed the hate crime charges.

According to his Facebook page, Mustafa Sayed attended Scripps Ranch high school in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in San Diego. He is currently a student at San Diego State University. Interestingly, another Muslim…

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