Killer Poster for Impeach Obama Protests

Patriot Fire 🔥

This poster has been stolen from me twice already by outraged Obama followers at impeach-Obama protests. So, I think it must be an effective poster. If you don’t mind spending the money, just download the image and take it to a printer, like Staples, to have it printed on 2×3 ft paper and attach it to a piece of cardboard or corrugated plastic (corroplast). Click on the image to get the full-sized version, before downloading.

Obama bin Laden Poster Obama bin Laden Poster

If you want to do something cheaper, you can print this PDF file on 12 pages of regular paper with an 8.5x11inch printer. Set your printer option to print “borderless” so that you don’t have to trim all the edges. This is a rather large file.

Obama bin Laden PDF file (2×3 feet)

You then fit the pages together when you glue it to the backing. I use “wheat paste” to…

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One thought on “Killer Poster for Impeach Obama Protests”

  1. they need to get obama I did the office he is destroyed so many things in if they keep am in office god knows what’s going to happen to the united states he needs to get the hell I did there what do people have to do to get him I did the damn office

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