Santa Monica Protest – Impeach Obama NOW

Patriot Fire 🔥

A report by Graham Ledger of One America News Network (OANN) in the Impeach Obama NOW protest of the Obama Fundraiser in Santa Monica on March 12, 2015. The Fundraiser was Hosted by Chris Silbermann and his Wife, Julia Franz. Silbermann is president of ICM Partners, a Hollywood talent agency. Ledger is host of The Daily Ledger Show on OANN.

This was an incursion deep into the heart of the territory of the Obama Cult, a protest of a fundraiser by Obama hosted at the home of Chris Silbermann and Julia Franz at their home in Santa Monica at 440 20th Street. It was attended by a couple dozen of Obama’s followers in Hollywood. The details of the fundraiser were never released, however, we received information via an anonymous source about the location. A site survey on the day before the event showed that preparations were underway for a big…

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