Amnesty / Impeach Obama Protest in Lawrence, Kansas (University of Kansas)

Patriot Fire 🔥

Kansas-OverpassProtestKing Obama, the son of promise and child of hope, will be in Lawrence, Kansas on Thursday to receive the idolization of his slobbering fans. A protest has been scheduled. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest. We need one or more local contacts on the ground in Kansas to take charge of the event. You can remain anonymous, if you like. Please send me a message via the “contact” tab at the top.

How to get tickets to see Obama

Keep checking this website for updates.

Where:      Anschutz Sports Pavilon   Map 
            University of Kansas, 
            Lawrence, KS 
Time:       8:30am  
Date:       Thursday, January 22, 2015
Organizer: Need a local organizer If you don't have a sign, bring a bullhorn, a flag to wave or just come and stand with the protesters. Everyone counts. At the link below are some poster images…

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