Republicans Set To Declare War On The American People

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John Benedict Boehner John Benedict Boehner The Republican Leadership and much of the Party are joining with Obama and much of the Democratic Party to wage total war against the American People. John Benedict Boehner and the Republican leadership are not fighting Obama’s dictated decrees, but enabling Obama, despite Boehner’s occasional display of crocodile tears.

Obama has told so many whopping lies already that who can think his number of 4.5 million illegal aliens to receive amnesty is anywhere near accurate and will not ultimately be a much larger number by several multiples. In the end he plans to make all of the illegal aliens legal residents and eventually citizens. This would amount to several several tens of millions. If he can decree this year that many millions are legal residents, grant them work documents and many special benefits, he can decree next year that they are eligible for citizenship. The legalization of…

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