Anti-Amnesty / Impeach Obama Protest in Nashville on Dec 9th

Patriot Fire 🔥

King Wannabe Obama I will visit Nashville, Tennessee next Tuesday. Obama will be delivering a speech on his illegal and unconstitutional dictated amnesty. A protest is planned for the event. Everyone is requested to join in. In recent months Obama’s visits to Tennessee have drawn hundreds of protesters. Come on, Nashville, home of Country Music and a real American president, Andrew Jackson. Do us proud.

President Obama to give immigration speech in Nashville

Where: Casa Azafran
Address: 2195 Nolensville Pike | Nashville, TN 37211 map
Phone: (615) 320-5152
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Time: 8:30 AM (tentative)

Ben Cunningham is a/the local organizer in Nashville. He also organized the protest of Obama’s last visit in January, 2014, which drew 150 protesters.

Casa Azafran is a Government- and non-profit-funded center for assisting immigrants, presumably including illegal “immigrants.” Therefore, it is a center of lawlessness. Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a…

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