Fake Bombing Of ISIS Will Be A Backdoor Into Syria

The supposed bombing of ISIS is just a ruse that will allow Obama to provide arms to the Jihadist Syrian Rebels, topple Assad in Syria and hand the country over to Al Qaeda. Obama is a pathological liar. Don’t believe anything he says. Look for ulterior motives.

The Covert Origins of ISIS

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2 Responses to Fake Bombing Of ISIS Will Be A Backdoor Into Syria

  1. ron hafer says:

    When the congress and senate abdicated their sworn oath on allowing obama to become president without vetting who he was and wasnt eligible to be president. They allowed the constitution to be circumvented, and the rest is known as to what we have seen from the man in the office,

    • Admin says:

      That’s right. Some people may think the eligibility requirements are not all that important, but if you ignore one part of the Constitution to make Obama an affirmative-action president, why should Obama think the other parts constrain him?

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