The National Day of Protest Against Illegals Is A Farce

Patriot Fire 🔥

Obama_Liberty2Imagine, if someone murdered one of your family members and this person was still at large, in fact still lives in your neighborhood and is a powerful, influential person. What would you do? Decide that is too hard to do anything against the criminal, form a nonprofit for raising money to feather your retirement and launch a national campaign against the failure to enforce the laws against homicide, while the killer remains free? Or, simply go after the murderer personally and do everything you can to make sure the killer is exposed and brought to justice, no matter how hard or the risk involved?

Obama is a dangerous anti-American subversive. That was clear from his background even before he took office. He believes he has a messianic destiny to bring America down. He only cares about the immigration laws in so far as he can abuse them to achieve his…

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