Obama Heads a “Moral Regime”

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Psycho Prez Psycho Prez In his book, the Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayak stated that Nazi Germany was a “moral regime.” It is not because the Hitler dictatorship was morally good — just the opposite — but because they used contrived moral arguments to justify why the law should be ignored and Hitler’s personal dictates followed instead.

The Obama regimes does the same, uses moral arguments to justify Obama’s usurpation of power for himself and for the Government. That is, of course, why Obama toadies are arguing now that we must allow the border to be overwhelmed by invading masses of illegal aliens in order to help the “poor children.” America’s sovereignty must be destroyed in order to help the children, they propose.

This is not to say that the Obama regime is exactly the same as the Hitler regime, just that they use similar tactics. Communists and other subversive messianic movements…

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