The Psychology of Protesting for Obama’s Impeachment

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manbehindthecurtainHumans have a powerful instinct to keep their heads down, when a tyrant appears on the scene. Obama’s handlers have put a kind of a mass spell on America to enhance the fear. The spell is now beginning to break and people are very slowly becoming more confident in coming forward and speaking out against Obama directly.

The timid will have a million excuses why they should not challenge the tyrant directly and have him exposed and punished for his crimes. In the case of Obama some of the popular ones are:

It won’t do any good, anyway.
Biden is worse than Obama.
I am too busy right now.
I am not physically able.
Wait until the next election.
There is no protest group near where I live.
Etc., etc., etc.

Obama has, of course, may supporters in Hollywood, who know very well how to brainwash and manipulate the masses…

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