Overpasses for America is Now for Sale

Patriot Fire 🔥

OfAForSale A state administrator admits that the former Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment had to drop “Impeach Obama” from their name in order to become a 501[c][27] non-profit. Since then they are known as “Overpasses for America.” This non-profit status allows the group to collect unlimited anonymous donations from fat-cats, but requires them to de-emphasize the impeachment of Obama. The organization surrenders its free speech rights to Obama’s IRS in return for non-profit status. It is a way the government stifles dissent via use of their power to tax selectively. Those, who stay within limits set by Obama’s IRS are rewarded at your expense.

In other words, OfA has sold out and are now just looking now for the highest bidder. There was an earlier scandal about the mis-use of of a couple thousand dollars of donated funds by the Founder, James Neighbors. Now, he can go for the really the big…

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