Was Holder Right? Are We a Nation of Cowards?

Patriot Fire 🔥

Holder and Obama have committed enough criminal acts by now that there is no question, both of these gangsters ought to be put in prison doing hard labor. They are just getting a pass because of the black pigmentation of their skin. They make Richard Nixon look like a piker in comparison to his puny crimes and misdeeds, which caused him to be forced out of office under the threat of impeachment and conviction.

Am particularly interested in why the Tea Party does not confront Obama and call for his removal. If they will not defend this country, they need to change their name to the Tea Party “Traitors” or Tea Party “Cowards” or the “Fair Weather” Tea Party, instead of Tea Party “Patriots.” They are no patriots, if they cannot stand up to a would be self-declared dictator, whether the reason be to maintain their non-profit tax status or…

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