A Volunteer, Impeach-Obama Movement is Urgently Needed

Patriot Fire 🔥

Early Tea Party protests were often anti-Obama Early Tea Party protests were often anti-Obama The Tea Party started out as a real grassroots protest movement with a large anti-Obama contingent, even though it was triggered to a large extent by the conservative broadcast media. Early polls indicated that a large majority of Tea Partiers wanted to see Obama impeached and removed from office. If he is a subversive, fraud, criminal and traitor, as many people believe, it is important to expose him, before he leaves office. Future criminals are deterred by exposing and punishing criminals, not just passively waiting for them to go away and hoping for the best.

The Tea Party has been given much of the credit for the Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 elections. However, since that time, the Tea Party has been dominated by non-profit 501(c)(4) groups and their accountants and attorneys. With a few exceptions, it…

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