Impeach Obama Protests – Why the Tea Party Can Not Help

Patriot Fire 🔥

One member asked whether we could not get the Tea Party involved in impeach-Obama protests. Everyone has heard about the IRS discrimination against the Tea Party regarding their non-profit status. However, even before considering the discrimination, non-profits are limited in what they can do by law. They cannot be primarily about politics and may not endorse or oppose political candidates or incumbents. This is true not just for the Tea Party, but other patriot grassroots organizations that are organized as non-profits or affiliated with a non-profit organization, not to mention churches, which are also non-profits.

The Tea Party and other such non-profit groups will not endorse or support an impeach Obama protest or inform their members about it as an organization, because that could well cause trouble with the IRS for them. The leadership of these organizations are generally reluctant to talk openly about these things.

Many individual members of…

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