West Boca Raton man proudly flies KKK, confederate flags

West Boca Raton man proudly flies KKK, confederate flags

Not trying to justify this, but it is the coverup by the media of the racism of Obama’s own revolutionary, so-called church and the radical anti-Americanism in Obama’s background, as well as other issues that have been suppressed, that contribute enormously to this kind of reaction and behavior. Obama promised to bring people together but he has exploited class and racial warfare to turn people against each other since he first took office and the media has assisted him in these perverse tactics.

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5 thoughts on “West Boca Raton man proudly flies KKK, confederate flags”

  1. im waiting for the rainbow signs and the people to dress up in pastel sheets of all colors to show this moron how its done lol or paintball that kkk flag lol i want glitter lol

  2. This guy is an old-school Klansman, an historical anachronism. More dangerous these days are the extremists that put a superficial “nice face” on their extremism, like David Duke and Barack Obama.

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