Tea Parties Made A Deal With The Devil

Patriot Fire 🔥

Deal-with-the-Devil The Tea Party has often been hailed by conservatives as the savior of the Nation, but they and many other such patriot groups have struck a deal with the “Devil” (aka Big Government) when they sought a non-profit tax status that puts them on a leash held by Obama, himself, and severely limits their engagement in politics, prohibiting them from confronting the Great Deceiver directly. This selling of the patriot soul for a handful of tax benefits threatens to condemn the constitutional republic straight to hell.

When a group seeks 501(c) non-profit status they are required by law to give up a good deal of their freedom of speech rights as an organization. Individual members can still do what they want but not as a representative of the non-profit. This is the case even before considering any IRS discrimination against such conservative organizations, which just compounds the ill effects of…

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