Why is Obama Compared to Hitler?

Obama-Hitler-MustacheInitially, many noticed similarities in the hysteria surrounding Obama, compared to the hysteria in Germany of the time of Hitler, hysterical crowds, women fainting, etc. The media created a cult of personality of Obama, not unlike the Hitler cult of personality. Obama lends support to once Nazi allies like the Muslim Brotherhood and loves to appear at Nazi sites, such as Buchenwald concentration camp and giving speeches in Berlin, at the site of Hitler’s Chancellery of the Reich and the bunker where he died. Obama’s nomination stage was modeled on the design of the Pergamon Altar, called in the Bible the “Throne of Satan” which was also the model for Hitler’s Tribune at the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, the stage for Hitler’s speeches at his Reichstag rallies.

Digging a little deeper you find that the Black Liberation religious doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years is in the tradition of the black nationalist cult doctrines. The racial concept of Black Liberation Theology is much like that of Nazi religions, such as today’s Christian Identity religion in the US and the so-called “Positive Christianity” of the Third Reich.

Nazi versions of Christianity teach that the Aryan (white) race is divine, the Antichrist/Devil is the Jews and a messiah (Hitler) will arise to defeat the Jews and bring on a millennial utopia (1000-year Reich) on Earth. On the other hand, Black Liberation Theology teaches that the black race is divine, white society is equated to the Antichrist and a black messiah (Obama?) will arise to destroy white society, America’s institutions (such as the Constitution) and the traditional church, also resulting in the creation of a millennial kingdom on earth.

Marcus Garvey, the founder of Black Nationalism as a mass movement, admired the success of Hitler and Mussolini, even if he did not endorse their racial politics. Garvey is considered a prophet by black nationalists. He mandated that black radical groups should emulate white supremacist groups, such as the KKK and Nazis. Garvey prophesied that one day the black race would produce their own Hitler.

Obama is also a “Progressive” and progressive-ism has long been associated with spiritualism, i.e. communicating with the dead. Hillary claimed once to be channeling the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. Nancy Pelosi has also claimed that the spirits of Women’s Rights suffragettes communicated with her. Maybe Obama believes he is channeling the spirit of Hitler?

In the end, though, Obama’s way of thinking is a combination of Marxism, Black Nationalism, mystical Islam and other ideologies and mystical religious influences. To absolutely label him one thing or the other will obscure an understanding of his actual beliefs. His religious and ideological beliefs are “syncretic,” a combination of many influences, which may often seem contradictory.

This is post is not a claim that Obama is Hitler reincarnate, but that the beliefs of Hitler and white nationalism were a significant input into his personal beliefs in a form modified for the black context. It does not mean that Obama is Hitler, but only that a dangerous crank is currently the president of the United States.

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