Bill O’Reilly Defends Obama and His Cultural Communism

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Bill O'Reilly Defends Obama and His Cultural Marxism

Bill O’Reilly says the “far right” is making a mistake thinking that Obama is out to harm the US and that much-maligned president Obama (sarcasm) is only a great believer in “social justice” and sincerely wants to help the downtrodden. He attempts to brand all, who believe Obama has malicious intent, as “extremists” in spite of mountains of evidence that Obama is a subversive anti-American.

Social justice is a concept often used by Marxists and other subversives to brainwash the public and justify why the rule of law should not be followed. Every dictator uses some form of the concept of social justice to justify his dictatorship.

O’Reilly makes Obama out to be just another politician, lying to protect his career. This would actually an improvement for Obama having the public believe that he is just another liar and not a traitor. So, O’Reilly is making propaganda for Obama, though…

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