Get Ready for Next Summer’s Impeach-Obama Protests Now!

Patriot Fire 🔥

Last year, the Impeach-Obama Overpass protests did not really get started, nation-wide, until mid-summer. A few thousand patriots took part in perhaps as many as 1,000 protests across the country. These protests made it okay to talk openly about impeachment and put some wind in the sales of a few timid congressmen.

However, the national media, even the so-called conservative media, avoided covering these protests, probably because they do not want to encourage them. On the other hand a protest by a couple dozen lefties for the rights of killer whales was enthusiastically covered by the Obama-controlled national media. If these protests for impeachment were covered in the national media, there would be not a few thousands of participants, but tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

Things always slow down during the holidays and the winter. Next summer we need to blow the doors completely off this thing…

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