DC Impeach-Obama Protests Weak, So Far

Patriot Fire 🔥

The anti-Obama protests held in Washington, so far, have been less than exciting. Some have promised the moon but delivered almost nothing. The best impeach Obama protest in DC, yet, has been the one organized by coal miners shown in the image on the right, in which several hundreds took part.

Others do not even have the courage to say the words “Impeach Obama” or demand directly that Congress remove him. This is apparently, because non-profit organizations are involved and the organizers fear their non-profit status could be revoked by Obama’s IRS thugs, if they were to attack Obama too directly and forcefully. 501(c) non-profits have legal limitations on how much they can engage in politics. So, Obama has a tight leash on non-profit organizations and how loudly they can speak out against him. When they have an anti-Obama protest, non-profits have to consult their tax attorneys and kiss Obama’s…

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One Response to DC Impeach-Obama Protests Weak, So Far

  1. Anonymous says:

    Need coverage on 5/17/14 DC Protest. IT IS BEING CENSORED!

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