One Nation Under Fraud – The Documentary

Patriot Fire 🔥

If you have been involved in the anti-Obama movement for years, you may already have some familiarity with much of the material contained in this devastating underground video. However, there are still many, who have vague feelings that Obama is malicious, a liar and subversive, but are not very familiar with the specific background of it, because it has only been presented piecemeal in the media, if at all. For those people this video will be an eye-opener. This documentary brings much of it together and is jam-packed with information. There has been so much scandal that we tend to focus on his latest misdeeds and forget how truly vast the case against Obama really is.

There is a 14-minute preview of the movie at this link:

One Nation Under Fraud – Website

14-Minute Trailer – One Nation Under Fraud

One Nation Under Fraud – Trailer

Our protest group (Stop…

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