Benghazi – False-Flag Operation gone Bad?

Hitler faked an attack by polish soldiers as an excuse for invading Poland and ultimately invading the rest of Eastern Europe and ultimately the Soviet Union. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was used as an excuse for the start of the Vietnam war.

The Benghazi attack appears to have been intended to be a similar incident that would serve as an excuse to send American troops into North Africa and boost Obama in the polls just before the election. There is already an impeachment resolution in the house meant to prevent Obama from invading Syria. Obama needs a good excuse to intervene with ground forces in North Africa.

Ambassador Steven would have been kidnapped, not killed and taken away somewhere in Northern Africa. This would serve as an excuse for Obama to send in ground forces without being impeached, because an attack on an Ambassador is equivalent to an attack on America, itself. A new war would also serve to bleed America even more dry than it is now.

The plan was derailed by two seals, who prevented Ambassador Stevens from being taken quickly or easily. The fight went on for hours. Obama did not want to attack his own allies on the Ground, an Al Qaeda affiliate, who was carrying out the attack. So, the ordered American forces to stand down. The ambassador was eventually captured, but died of smoke inhalation, which completely defeated Obama’s plan.

There has been a centuries old desire for Islam to expand in Africa and Black Nationalists/Pan Africanists have also longed for more than a century to unite Africa. Once begun, the U.S. could expand its role in Africa without limit.

Obama has already had the U.S. military carrying out missions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. It would have just meant expanding this operation on the ground in support of Obama’s terrorist allies, the Muslim Brotherhood, which would be portrayed as the “good” Islamists, whose influence should be expanded into northern Africa and the Middle East, starting in Syria.

To top it off, the whole conflict is blamed on Americans exercising their Freedom of Speech.

6 thoughts on “Benghazi – False-Flag Operation gone Bad?”

  1. Reblogged this on unifiedserenity and commented:
    I think this blog is spot on in regards to Benghazi being a false flag gone wrong. Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped and begin a new war in N. Africa. I can only pray some truth of this comes out.

      1. I had posited the same idea months ago, and somehow I can’t find it on my blog, so I searched and found yours. I think it’s very logical, and it will be very interesting as to what will happen in the hearings. Is this a chance for truth or are we being played again as we wiggle in the spiders web?

      2. Somehow, I think it will fizzle in the end. Not sure they are serious about pursuing Obama or just firing for effect.

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